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Health Update for May 2017

26 May

Happy end-of-May dear readers! I’m typing this out on my back porch with Lady laying just inside the open door and Abby running back and forth between me and the bone in the yard and OH in the living room. It’s a good evening so far.



Migraine app notes: I had 10 attack days lasting average of 68 hours. I had 2 attack free days. I took 56 clonidine ( 4 more than last month) They happened 50% of the time from 12 pm to 6 pm. Average pain is 7.5, which is pretty good. Supposedly I’m sleeping around 8 hours a night, migraine or not. ha. If only. Top 3 aura/prodrome are muscle stiffness, fatigue/achiness and weakness. Top 3 triggers are neck pain, too much activity and lack of sleep.Top 3 symptoms are neck pain, jaw pain and aches. Frequent start positions are the same, temples, jaw, eyes, base of skull. Soaking my feet has helped a lot this month

Overall Health/Treatment: Up until this past weekend the neurological pain (aka Fibromyalgia) and all was terrible and I was pretty much on the couch. I had some bursts of energy  but not until recently  did it ease enough that I felt like getting up and doing something. I struggled with anxiety/guilt a lot as well. Focused on adding in/increasing supplements to support this poor body.  The evenings are the worst, no matter what I try. I’ve been going to bed in a lot of fibro pain and migraine, just praying I’ll be able to sleep.

notes: 4-28-Migraine was worse today. Aches eased until evening- went to dog park and made dinner then they increased in my calves bad. Barely able to keep migraine down today. Nice to have some energy and the brain fog lifted but the pain’s wearing me down. Have had some muscle twitches today

4-30- today has left me bone- weary. Even the movement of my tongue hurts my jaw. The all-over aches have eased a little, but the cramps are little shivers that regularly run through the base of my feet. Bad migraine today. Wasn’t aware of what was going on around me for a while. Nap helped but body is SCREWED up. Tomorrow is going to be a day of loving on it. 

What do you find hard to tell people about your health? 


What can i eat??

8 Sep

I originally wrote this post back in 2013, and while I now am eating nightshades again, the struggle is still on to eat healthy and still have variety. It is so very easy to get stuck in a food rut! foodallergiesmojo

My food options are shrinking…. About a year and a half ago I went Gluten, Dairy and Egg free, just to try and see if it helped with my digestion and my migraines. Let me tell you how hard this was for me to commit to : I am a culinary graduate who has learned to love aged cheeses, eggplant, ethnic foods, and the list goes on and who has always always always loved baking. Get some  flour, butter, sugar and more butter and it’s fantastic. Baking was, and is something that is calming to me.

Enter my naturopaths’s suggestion of going off all three of the major food areas and I balked. For about 4 months actually. I decided to wait until aaafter the holiday (cuz who wants to give up creamy mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and ice cream?)

By that time, my stomach was a wreck. It didn’t matter what i ate, it didn’t like it. So, i committed. I would try it for a month. I really didn’t expect it to work, but it did! It took a few weeks and all of a sudden, my stomach wasn’t screaming at me all day, every day.

Fast forward to a month or so ago – i decided that i couldn’t take the fact that my stomach was not completely happy. I talked to my naturopath again and she suggested taking out nightshades. That’s right. everything that makes up a great stirfry :

Break my heart. So i cut out bell peppers. Then tomatoes. Then onions. . . Oy. I have not been able to cut potatoes out all the way though. I ignored forgot that they were…

So, please, if you can, go make some bread, a pie, stirfry and eat some french fries for me =D  just kidding.

If you’d like more information on the nightshades, this is a great article :


It’s kind of a lot to take in, when you are realizing your diet is shrinking once again! I miss me some tomatoes sliced with salt on top. just eat them with a fork. mmmm.

So Pinterest has become my close friend, not only because of the fabulous wardrobe that i dream that I now have, but because of the great recipes i have found. Here are some items that have become staples for me with this ‘diet’:

quinoa – hadn’t had this for years! it’s so delicous!

chicken – any which way i can make it

turkey  – ground, not ground, i’ll eat it

*did i mention i can’t really eat beef anymore either???

avocado – great source of protein. i buy a few each week to indulge in

zucchini – alone or on top of pasta. mmmm

Raw Meal protein shake – breakfast every day. it’s whey free and gluten free. vegan. delicous

almond milk – i just can’t stomach rice milk (too thin) or coconut milk (too thick) . almond does it for me!

fruits , fruits, fruits!

well, those are the most common. as you can see, not too much variety! If anyone has ideas, please share them! I am up for great dishes that I can eat!


I now frequently make granola, almond milk and almond butter from scratch and have started incorporating vegan recipes. What with finding out I have strains of ecoli and strep in my gut, along with being diagnosed with Lyme disease, I am trying to be gentle on this poor gut of mine. I don’t do near as well I should, but any step forward is in the right direction!


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