the year was 2015 and SGL’s most popular posts

31 Dec

I hope you’ve got some fun plans for the next few days to ring in 2016…. 2016! Don’t freak out. When it’s 2020 you can freak out.

I wanted to, real quick, give you a rundown of 2015 for me and my little family.

2015popularposts (Abby’s first selfie. She really likes touch screen phones )

starting from top left—

~Lady in our home of only a few months! Such a sad pillow she had!

~A surprise weekend visit from some dear friends from Bend! Love these sisters.

~Another visit from some dear friends from Bend! We braved the crowds and made it up to some falls!

~ My brother took me on a canoe ride up the Deschutes River (really one of my favorite things to do). Sunshine, the sound of water lapping against the canoe and not having to paddle at all? A great way to spend a morning

~ Getting my VW Bug ready for the trip up to Portland! Poor thing had a little mouse nest in the engine compartment.

~ A friend and her daughter came for a week! We had a blast. Love our yearly trips.

~Next two pictures down are from my trip to Cali to visit family. It was a great trip full of family, food and gorgeous scenery.

~Some friends (fabulous friends that have adopted us into their family!!) came for a visit and we went to the beach for the day. somehow I don’t have the picture we took with them.

~Our family grew! Abby Pond joined our home and increased the craziness 10 fold. Lady has grown to like her instead of just tolerate her, i mean look at that expression on Lady’s face… that doesn’t speak of love does it? Abby’s pretty sure Lady’s job in life is to be her pillow/toy.

~I went to my first concert in probably ten years! Weird Al in Bend. It was so much fun and much more than just someone standing up on a stage singing. He’s a true entertainer.

~Thanksgiving in Bend, with two of my nieces. I really thought about sneaking them home in my car… their parents wouldn’t notice, right??

~For Hanukkah we had a guest. Who really likes playing dreidel…


Here are SGL’s most popular posts this year:

Good-bye Lover  – this was a book I received free to read and review and I enjoyed it immensely. ‘Lover’ is the name of the family heirloom – a violin.

Striving for a Virtuous Life – Modesty, Authenticity , Hope  – I so enjoyed this series with each post focusing on a different virtue I wanted to grow in my life.

Dealing with the Pain of a Disappointing Doctor  – Doctors, doctors, doctors… when they cause you more pain instead of easing it

Chronic Pain and its side effects – an honest look at what chronic pain does to you (or me, as the case more accurately is) but what is less-talked about

Starting out the New Year with a whimper, some tears and a bang – the beginning of this year’s posting started out with some serious readership!

Thank you for joining me here on SGL this past year and I look forward to spending 2016 with you as well. I am still contemplating my next series, figuring out just how I want to focus more on my writing on here and wishing I knew how to get a page that I could frequently update with a list, separated into genres, of all the books I’ve reviewed. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Happy New Year,


2 Responses to “the year was 2015 and SGL’s most popular posts”

  1. whimsyandcompany January 2, 2016 at 10:00 am #

    A canoe ride sounds like so much fun, I love canoeing! Happy New Year!


    • booksnbakery January 2, 2016 at 4:52 pm #

      I definitely don’t get out in a canoe often enough!


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