Frozen Slime

22 Apr

A friend and her daughter came for a visit and we had so much fun! I loved being called Aunt Lolo all week and snuggling with little Laura, sneaking ice cream with her mom after Laura had been put to bed and talking serious and silly things over. We went to OMSI, the zoo (which will probably turn into a future post!), Toys-r-us, and the list went on. But, a  craft was also called for in the fun-scheme of this past week. And, with it needing to be easy, quick and inexpensive – we chose to make slime. Being all girls, why not make it Frozen Slime? We weren’t able to get the iridescent glitter that the recipe calls for, so we got purple and pink. I know little Laura loved it, and after having it sit overnight, it seemed like the slime and glitter decided to get along a little better , i.e. the glitter seemed to stand out a little more than when we first made it. So maybe our rendition would be called Princess Slime instead of Frozen Slime, but either way, it’s pretty, fun and the name is girly. =)


here’s the recipe : Frozen Slime . It worked just like she says it will, which is always exciting for me when trying a new project! ha. Being the slightly-non-crafty-person that I am, I enjoy it when they turn out right (the first time), anyone with me?

All you need is a smidge of Borax, a good amount of Elmer’s glue, some glitter and warm water. We bought a plastic tablecloth to protect the table and of course, put an apron on Laura for further protection!

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the fun!

3 Responses to “Frozen Slime”

  1. Genevieve April 26, 2015 at 11:10 pm #

    So fun!!! Why didn’t you make slime for US when we were there? 😦
    What a cutie!!



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