Health Update- April 2023

29 Apr

Hello again all! Thank you for still sticking around, even though this is only my second post of the year. And really, my posting has been spotty the past few to several years. But, enough of that. I would like to start sharing my health updates again- even if it’s not every month. It would be nice for me -and maybe you?- to see how far I’ve come since I was doing these regularly.

My last health update was Sept 2020- let’s do a quick recap of that, shall we? I was struggling with jaw and joint pain, severe migraines regularly, mood swings and crazy fatigue. Sleep and vision was funky.

I share that here to help get in perspective of where I was – while I was doing better than I had been, I was still pretty much a wreck. And it was a novelty to not have to sleep with an ice pack.

Migraine: typically only one nuclear migraine every three months. One severe migraine a month on average and those are typically less than twenty four hours. They average at 7/10. I am now on Emgality (Aimovig was Great but stopped working for me). It is also a monthly injection so it has few/no side effects. I also have diclofenac potassium when the headaches get too bad and I want to stop them from turning into migraines. When they do reach that next level of pain and I need something to just knock them out, I have naratriptan. This ‘system’ has had such an impact on my health and mental health. Knowing that I have ‘stages’ of medication to halt the progression of pain is such a relief. I am so glad that I finally started seeing a neurologist again.

Sleep: This is helped by taking a few things at night- Naltrexone and Biofilm- Phase 2 Advanced.

Memory/Brain Fog: My memory has improved although there are still so many times when I cannot remember something that I know that I know. I am typically able to find the correct word that I’m wanting, although when I’m tired/stressed/whathaveyou, I can’t come up with them. Brain fog is mostly non-existant these days.

Vision: Aside from my vision just changing as I’m aging, this is just fine.

TMJ: This is only a pain once in a blue moon

Fatigue: Less than it’s been in ages, I think. But I do drink coffee now- ha. But really, I do still struggle with this but it’s so much less than it used to be that I try not to let it bother me too much. Maybe once a week or so am I really just exhausted to where I don’t want to/can’t do much.

Fibromyalgia: I rarely have any issues with this anymore. I’m coming to realize that the only time I do, is when I’ve not been as active. (i.e. I’ve been sick with the flu/cold)

Weight Loss: Baby steps by baby steps, it’s slowly happening- this was my answer in 2020 but it still holds true. I’ve lost almost twenty pounds since 2020, and it’s all been extremely slow.

Mood: Back and forth on this one, taking Xiao Chai Hu Tang really helps on the days/weeks when I’m struggling

Digestion: a bit better than my normal.

Allergies have eased too – I can now have chicken eggs again- limited amount but that I can at all, is so nice. They’re much cheaper than duck eggs! And it makes it easier to bake and eat out/buy bread and things. Also, I can have limited gluten without effect- looking at you, tortillas. AND- and this is a two-edged sword, I can eat processed sugar without issue.

Current Protocol: W. L Energizer , COQ10, CalMAg, Candidastat, Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Naltrexone, Biofilm- Phase 2 Advanced. Prescriptions: Thyroid, Diclofenac Potassium, Naratriptan and Emgality

Overall Health: Doing better than I would have dreamed I could be, three years ago. Still dealing with limitations and pain but amazed that I have so few migraines and couch days.


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