Book Review – Kingdom above the Cloud

18 Nov

Kingdom above the Cloud : Tales from Adia book One by Maggie Platt

“What if the nine fruit of the spirit and the seven deadly sins were locked in a battle for control?” -from back cover

I received this book free from Ambassador International in exchange for my honest review. The copy was an ebook and as I was enjoying it so much, I decided to buy a copy. I really don’t read ebooks very well. I need to feel the pages and smell the lovely bookish smell.

Here’s the synopsis: Despite being adopted and raised by kind and loving people that are part of an eclectic treehouse village in the valley, Tovi has always felt the lack of blood relatives. The only one she’s had as a close friend and confidante has been her twin brother. But when he goes missing, Tovi starts to doubt her faith in the invisible King Arwen. Her best friend, Silas begs her not to but she decides to go searching for her brother in the kingdom at the top of the mountain. But much more intrigue exists above the clouds than she even imagines. King Damien and the Council of Masters have plans that inevitably involve both Tovi and her brother. As she gets more involved in the kingdom above the cloud, Tovi is torn between her own unanswered questions and dark longings. And it starts with a snake and a crown. Will her life be forfeit when the ring is complete?

My thoughts: I was intrigued by a fantasy/epic young adult fiction coming from a faith based perspective. As you probably know, I’ve gotten into sci fi/fantasy the past few years (*hello Sanderson novels*) so I couldn’t wait to dive into this story. The idea of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit pitted against the 7 deadly Sins – who can resist that? Anyway, when I first started reading it as an ebook, I felt the beginning was rather slow. But when I had the book in my hands and started it over, I didn’t feel that way. Was it because I knew where the first quarter of the book was heading? Perhaps. Either way, you might feel that as well, but it picks up quickly. I really enjoyed the characters Silas (he has my heart forever), Eryx and Xanthe. Damien is one that you are glad to dislike, I’ll just say that. As the book progressed, I had a harder time putting it down. And when I reached the end, I was sad and excited and wanting to read the next book! I really enjoyed the symbolisms of the deadly sins in people and …well, I don’t want to spoil anything.

I do not read anything that has blatant sexual content. I will tell you if there is any sort of such (typically very mild and delicately put) in them and if I don’t think they’d be appropriate for young/teenage readers. This is a reminder that I like to put in each of my reviews. For this one, it was very mild, but there were some references to women using their bodies to get what they want, and that sort of thing. I would recommend reading the book before giving this to any younger readers. I’ll reiterate though, it is quite mild.

If you’re a fan of fantasy or are just thinking of dipping your toes in, I think you’ll enjoy this book. I am really pleased to see Ambassador International bringing a fantasy that has a faith basis to readers.

One last thing, in reading about Platt (writer, traveler, cancer survivor and dreamer) on the back of the book, I feel like the two of us could be friends. And that’s just fun.

Also, can we just talk about how gorgeous that cover is?!


3 Responses to “Book Review – Kingdom above the Cloud”

  1. Katja L. November 18, 2020 at 1:38 pm #

    That IS a really cool cover!



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