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Book Review- March 2015

31 Mar

Short and sweet, friends, this will be short and sweet.


  • Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver –  One night, Fawn started a club to get women who love being married together and speak positively about marriage. Very quickly it spread like wildfire across the world – and Fawn traveled around it to speak with some of these women/couples in order to find the secrets of a great marriage. I have enjoyed reading this so far. I am reading it as a part of the Meaningful Marriage Study group that I am a part of on facebook. It is a light read and getting to ‘meet’ these couples has been a joy and through each couple something new stands out to me and makes me pause in contemplation. I very much recommend it! – we are nearing the end of this book, i am hoping to do a post here on SGL all about it when we do!!!
  • Torah Rediscovered by Ariel and D’vorah Berkowitz –  This book shows how Jews and non-Jewish believers can honor the Torah. And also how years of neglect and abuse have muddled the difficult issues in the Torah, and clarifies them.  You might recognize this title as I started reading it mid last year, but as I never finished it, I am halfway through it and it is such a well-written book, and written so that I can understand! ( i am sad that this one is still on my ‘currently reading’ list as i had fully intended on finishing it the beginning of this month….)
  • Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery (book 3) – Even though Anne didn’t want to grow up, she did of course. Her childhood friends were getting married and she was leaving Green Gables for four years of college. But, even through all the changes, her spirit never changed. I loved this book so much, the characters in each of this series are so much fun and come alive so charmingly well. I would love to be able to walk into their home ‘Patty’s Place’ for tea time.
  • Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery (book 4) – Having gotten a job – her first away from home – Anne quickly learned that the real struggle wasn’t in lessons but in dealing with the stubborn Pringle family. But, she is able to become the town’s confidante and champion, winning all with her lovable nature.  Ahhh, this series. I enjoy how each book puts Anne in new surroundings as captivating as the last. Her spirit remains undaunted and draws even the crustiest of the townspeople to her side of things.
  • Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery (book 5) – Anne’s true love has become a doctor in a small town on the Island. Finally able to be married and start their new life together, Anne makes new friends and, along the way – solving new problems. I am almost done with this one, and I cannot wait to see how it ends. I very likely will finish it this evening, what with my OH working.

I am so excited for 3 new books that have just been added to my ‘to-read’ list!! 2 of them were birthday presents from a dear friend and 1 is a book on writing that I just ordered on Amazon!!!  I did try to avoid any ‘spoilers’ for any of you who have not read the Anne series yet… as you can tell, I am sucked in to them completely right now. I am normally reading multiple novels at one time but I just can’t do it with this series!!!!

Huzzah for days spent lazily reading, while spring is blooming around me,


2014 Resolutions Revisited

19 Jun

Well, we are halfway through June already and I thought it could be fun to look back at our goals that we set at the beginning of this year and see how we’ve done with them! To read my post from January , click (https://thestartofagoodlife.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/2014-resolutions/ )

My Goals for this year:

~Get Health Back  -I have been more active (in large part due to my OH) in this goal. Doctor’s appointments, essential oils, listening to when my body says ‘stop!’ and trying new diets to see if they help. Sadly, I am still in the ‘slump’ that I have been in since last October, but the small glimmer of hope I have  is that even though they are still bad daily, I do seem to have a good portion of the day relatively-pain-free and have enough energy to be productive. Although, these past two days do not follow that pattern. So, while I have not made the progress I had hoped and prayed for I am clinging to the silver linings that I see. 

Travel – Aside from some trips to Portland or Eugene, this hasn’t happened at all. I do have plans to go visit my friend and her darling little girl end of next month though and am really-very-super excited about it!

Get in Shape to run a 5k – I must admit, that just this week I have laced up my running shoes, grabbed Lady’s leash and headed out for a walk. With the nice weather settled in, I decided I’d better get this goal going. I haven’t started running yet, gotta break the new (from the clearance rack!) shoes in and get Lady ready for more intense exercise. Since she’s 9 this summer and used to only random bursts of activity, I want to be careful in how quickly I get her running with me. 

courtesy of Laughing Tree Photography

courtesy of Laughing Tree Photography

Start Writing Again  – this one has been touch – and – go since January. But since I signed up for the Camp NANOWRIMO that starts in July, it should pick up quite a bit. I was able to focus for a bit today and worked on a story that I’ve got going. 

Become a better Housekeeper  – I think I have – mostly. The chronic pain makes it hard to keep it where I want it, but I feel like I have grown some in this area. I think part of that too, is just my attitude about it. Sometimes it can still get a little negative, but if I am able to think of it as the way that I contribute – since I’m not able to go out and work – it makes it easier. Plus, when I am just feeling awful but the dishes are bothering me, the OH steps in and does them. So nice. 

Figure out Niche for Blog – I think  I have, overall. I was thinking I would find a specific topic – baking, cleaning, writing, etc… – but I enjoy, and have heard from a few of you, that you enjoy the variety of topics. So, the continuation of this goal is :  get  a  blog button and recipe helper. Improve Photography. Improve Traffic. From what I’ve been learning, it looks like I’ll have to pay to upgrade my blog in order to do most of what I want to do on here, so, once money is a little less tight and non-existent, I’ll click that ‘upgrade’ button!  Speaking of which, I have recently gotten on Google+ – check me out under Laura Waxman! 

I have also added a few goals recently :

Start a morning routine   (I’ve started writing one out, once I finish it, I’ll share it with you!)

Send something special with my OH each week (notes, letter, baked treat etc)


How are you doing on your goals for this year? Did you completely forget about them? Or have you already fulfilled all of them? Please leave a comment below to share!


*To check out more photography from the seriously talented Viktorija – check out her website!   http://laughingtreephotography.com/

2014 Resolutions

2 Jan

Well Friends, we are 2 days into the new year! As we all know, that includes making a list, whether it’s mental or written down, of what we would like to accomplish or change in our lives these next 364 days.

Bring on the new year,

with it’s fresh pages to write on

to create the story we dream of.

Bring on the  adventures

of which we long for.

Bring on  the trials 

of which we dread 

for it is in those moments that we grow the most

and become who we dream of being. 

I have been mulling it over and have come up with some questions for myself and all of you:

1)What is something outlandish/extravagant/outrageous/fantastic that you would love to do this year?

2) What are some things you think you could accomplish this year?

My mind spins with thoughts for question number 1 – i’ll give you a few of them :

~ get my health back! (you know, the health that i haven’t really had since i was 19)

~ travel somewhere exotic (Israel, Ireland, Scotland, Maine..etc.)

~ and some others that i can’t really share with the whole wide world!

thoughts for number 2 :

~ get in shape to run a 5k

~ start writing  again! (i fell out of the habit so easily! oy vay!)

~figure out my niche for this blog and get going on it!

~become a better housekeeper

So, there you have it friends –  I could make that list so much longer but i’m going to keep it short and sweet and focus on those! Please share with me what your goals are for this coming year,  i love hearing from my (albeit few) readers!

Happy New Year!


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