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Preparing for a trip with Lyme Disease

14 Mar

It occurred to me this morning that getting ready to go on a trip is a lot more stress and worry and work than it used to be.


No longer is it a simple matter of setting the dates, doing laundry, packing the bag and heading out. This is what it looks like now:

~Mentally debate if I’ll feel well enough to go

~Look at calendar to decide timeline of my health vs when I’d be there

~Set dates

~Stress that I’ll feel well enough to get there

~ Plan a few activities while there

~Make a list of what I need to do before I go

~Stress that I’ll feel well enough to do anything once there

~Add things to list to do beforehand (order meds, fill daily pill box, make essential oil roller bottle, etc)

~Get excited about going on the rare morning I feel well

~ Dream about when I didn’t stress before a trip

~ Stress about the fact that I now stress

~Wonder if I’ll sleep well while there

~ Do laundry and wonder why we go through so many clothes – there’s only 2 of us!

~ Check out to-do list that hasn’t changed in the past few days

~ Get excited at the thought of seeing family again! (all those nieces and nephews too!)

~ Tentatively move up date of departure

~Stress about all I need to get done with less time to do it

~Stress that I’ll feel well enough that soon

~Wish it was just the day to go already so I could stop stressing about it


Fairly accurate, I’m afraid. If there’s nothing else being chronically ill for over a decade has taught me, it’s how to stress out about stuff. I may be flexible and fine with changing plans but it’s the days leading up to it that are the problem! All this aside, I always have fun on my trips, making it possible for me to want to leave home again. I would like to point out, that this is list is even more true when I am going somewhere I’ve never been before. And then a whole other host off stressors come into play – will the bed be comfortable, will I be able to sneak off to nap if I need to, will there be food I can eat, etc. Thank goodness I’m going to my parent’s house and they are wonderful about helping me out. Plus, my puppies get to go with me. Trips are just more fun with my girls around.

Well, I’m gonna finish doing laundry and hopefully make some breakfast cookies. Here’s to making memories, despite health concerns and mental break-downs =)


My Trip to California – the beach, Chocolate chip cookies and family

12 Jul


The trip to Cali begins!!! Shared the backseat with Supey, my parents cute-but-annoying dachsund. It was sad to see the ground get browner as we got further into Ca. Our second night there, the big group of us (rarely was it less than 12 the whole time) went out for dinner!

Many happy times were spent in grandpa’s garden over the years. Filling over half of their backyard, it’s full of thriving plants. Right near the back door are trees full of grapefruit, lemon and oranges.

Celebrating Grandpa and Grandma’s 60th Wedding Anniversary and a family reunion in one big party! I even got to meet two of grandma’s siblings!

A bit of exploring while on the search for some gluten free and vegan chocolate chip cookies. (totally found some by the way, just gluten free and then the whole shebang in the same area, i just can’t remember the name!!). Lunch and horseshoes and a very good reason why I don’t live in California. =)

Lunch and Antiquing in Cayucos Ca. Schooner’s fish tacos were delicious, and the goat cheese they put on the side for me? I ended up eating it by itself – it was so creamy and amazing. The wood sailor was outside the restaurant, and was named my new boyfriend. For some reason, my OH didn’t seem concerned. Yes, that’s a Weird Al record, kicking myself I didn’t buy it!! And then my nephew took a broken toy to grandpa (his great-grandpa) for him to fix it, so sweet


 Elephant Seals in San Simeon. We learned a lot about them from a volunteer, definitely a worthwhile stop!

Fireworks at Pismo Beach with some of my family

It was a fun-filled trip, despite the 15 hours to get there and the 14 to get back! Whew! I am so glad to be home again though, at least until my next trip in a few weeks!


23 Jun

Happy Monday everyone! I am currently in Portland Oregon, here with my OH for his new job. Yes, you read that right. He now has a great job  in Portland. I dropped Lady off with my mom and packed my laptop, books and pages of notes I’ve been taking for growing this little blog of mine, and came up to be closer to him.

pouting after her bath

pouting after her bath


I was looking at what’s coming up for me and this is what I noticed:

Camp Nanowrimo – starts next week – Tuesday in fact! – in case you don’t know, this is part of nanowrimo (a place to write, have feedback and help with the whole process. yes, there’s more to it than that, but that’s my simple explanation). I have decided I’m going to work on a story I started in the beginning of the year. So, off and on, I have worked on ideas for it, and have high hopes to work on an outline this coming week. Now, I hate outlines. Always have. Completely tortuous things, outlines. But, as I have been reading more tips and whatnots for writing, they keep coming up. So, I thought I would try it this coming month.  We will see how it goes.

Meaningful Marriage Study – starts next week – Tuesday also! – I follow a blog, Life with Amberly and Joe  (http://www.lifewithamberlyandjoe.com/search/label/meaningful%20marriage%20book%20study) and I simply adore her writing. Her focus is her marriage. She is starting a series reading books about marriage. This time around it will be July through September. I am excited about this as it saves me the time of having to choose what book to read, and ‘makes’ me read it! I am planning on writing about it as we go along! =) This is an article that Amberly shared and I like the perspective it gives. I’ve never thought of the topic in such terms. Well worth the maybe five minutes of reading – http://www.lovethegrows.com/2012/10/infidelity-in-its-broadest-term.html


I am also trying to start a morning routine (although I will have to switch it a bit while here in Portland…) , the gist of it so far is get up, (heh, no, it’s not just a give-in that i’ll do that) , have a protein/carbs snack, go for a walk/run, eat breakfast, read, prayer/study time, blog… etc… I am hoping to still get out to some parks around here and walk but it won’t be almost everyday like I was able to do last week. (living across from a park has its perks). My plan for July is to get that more set and figured out. I like slow, physically-easy mornings lately, otherwise I get worn out too quickly and then I get frustrated and then all I want is ice cream and a chick flick. Not good.

So, while that might not look like too much to most of you – it’ll be a lot for me and my limited focusing ability (due to the migraines)! But, I am excited about all of it, plus other things I’m hoping to get to.

What are you looking forward to this coming month/ summer?

fun times last month with my dear friend Kori!!!

fun times last month with my dear friend Kori!!!


the drive to Portland. love the beauty around us!


the gorgeous Mt. Hood

2014 Resolutions

2 Jan

Well Friends, we are 2 days into the new year! As we all know, that includes making a list, whether it’s mental or written down, of what we would like to accomplish or change in our lives these next 364 days.

Bring on the new year,

with it’s fresh pages to write on

to create the story we dream of.

Bring on the  adventures

of which we long for.

Bring on  the trials 

of which we dread 

for it is in those moments that we grow the most

and become who we dream of being. 

I have been mulling it over and have come up with some questions for myself and all of you:

1)What is something outlandish/extravagant/outrageous/fantastic that you would love to do this year?

2) What are some things you think you could accomplish this year?

My mind spins with thoughts for question number 1 – i’ll give you a few of them :

~ get my health back! (you know, the health that i haven’t really had since i was 19)

~ travel somewhere exotic (Israel, Ireland, Scotland, Maine..etc.)

~ and some others that i can’t really share with the whole wide world!

thoughts for number 2 :

~ get in shape to run a 5k

~ start writing  again! (i fell out of the habit so easily! oy vay!)

~figure out my niche for this blog and get going on it!

~become a better housekeeper

So, there you have it friends –  I could make that list so much longer but i’m going to keep it short and sweet and focus on those! Please share with me what your goals are for this coming year,  i love hearing from my (albeit few) readers!

Happy New Year!


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