DIY organized grocery bag holder

13 Jan

I am all about finding ways to reuse items – – – and that includes plastic grocery bags. But storing them to use again usually results in something like this:



 a cupboard that all i can see is BAGS.Shudder at the unorganized-ness of it all! I had found an easy idea this past summer for a way to get them down to ‘size’ and contain them but had never fully tried it. So, today i pulled out the bag stuffed full of bags and gave it a try! you can see the original post here:


Here’s what  I did (while I watched an episode of Lie To Me.) 

First, flatten a dozen or so bags and fold in half so the the handles are on top of each other.  Layer bags like so:


On the first one, fold the handles up (like in the photo!) and roll, continuing until you’ve rolled all dozen bags. I had so many that I rolled three of these beauties. I then took an empty oatmeal cardboard container and cut two crossing lines in the lid  (didn’t take a photo of that, but i’m sure you get the idea! )  Popped the three rolled bags in and voila! : 





I now have a dispenser of grocery bags. If I wanted to, I could decorate this to make it pretty, but since it’s going under my sink… I’m not too worried about it. And now, the new look of my cupboard! : 



I found oven cleaner, floor cleaner and Lysol cleaner in there! Ha! Just saved money by not going out and buying more. =) Now that’s what I call a successful project.  

Hope you enjoyed this little money-saving-organizing project of mine! And if you’re not too keen on saving these bags here’s  a list of what you could use them for:


~small garbage bins bags (instead of buying those expensive bags from the store!!)

~ pooper scooper bags ( don’t buy those specially made for this! just grab these and go clean your yard! and come do mine while you’re at it. hehe)

~ easy dog hair grooming bag  ( when you’re brushing your dog, grab one of these. when you’ve filled it, you know for sure your dog has too much hair.. or is that just mine?)

~donation bag (as you’re cleaning/organizing your house, have one of these ready  to go to Goodwill!)

~chicken food scraps (I save my food scraps and take them out to my mom’s to make her chickens ‘happy’ and it keeps my garbage from getting super smelly!)

~oil hair mask (when doing a hair mask and you don’t have a shower cap, although it feels strange tying one on your head, they work like a charm! – -about-my-life/ )

Have a wonderful Monday saving money one tiny step at a time! 


2 Responses to “DIY organized grocery bag holder”

  1. Darlene January 14, 2014 at 5:07 am #

    woohoo. you did it…. and organized under the sink. it looks great. what a way to feed your OCD (or is that your CDO) ha



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    […] DIY Garbage Bag Organization […]


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