Saving Money Feels Fantastic : Fridge Raid

28 Sep

hello again, dear friends! 

Well, today i cleaned out the refrigerator – day 3 of the Food Waste Challenge that i’m doing on . I started out feeling pretty good. I have been keeping up on what all is in my fridge. Or so I thought. I found more than I thought I would. Food gone bad and a fridge that wasn’t near as clean as I thought it was. =( So, out came every single item and scrubby-dub-dub. (enter a bit of a cinderella song).

I found 1 eggplant, a bit of green salad, 1/2 tomato, 1 avocado and 1/4 jar of tahini all gone bad. sigh. So, I have added that to the fairly empty diary for today. And now the refrigerator  is sparkling clean ( and finally figured out why nothing stands up right on a shelf in the door, it’s all bulgy-weird! haha, it’s not ME!) which is a very good feeling. 

You have got to check out the link above, she has step by step of cleaning out the fridge and putting it back together. Go ahead and read the whole thing, some of it you will shake your head and say ‘of course, i know this’ but who doesn’t need a nice reminder sometimes? One thing i don’t do, (and will go do if i can claw my way off this comfy bed  that i’m currently reclining on) is the vegetables in the ziploc bags. Hmm, might have to give it a shot. Now, we have a nice, friendly old fridge. Which means our crisper drawers are now ,well,  just drawers.  At least it doesn’t freeze our milk anymore. 

One thing i did not do with the fridge cleaning adventure, was pull it out and vacuum the back of it, but that is on my list for next week, when i’m in my cleaning clothes and my OH is at work. 

So, all in all, it is a very good endeavor, this emptying out the fridge. For intstance, who knew we had two partially empty jars of salsa? or 3 different hot sauces ( not mine!) ? Not only do you get out that which is nasty and organize that which isn’t, but you find items you didn’t know you had =)

Until next time – (cleaning the freezer!) – have a great weekend. 



One Response to “Saving Money Feels Fantastic : Fridge Raid”

  1. Don Hore September 29, 2013 at 2:46 am #

    Enjoying reading about your saving money adventure!

    What is your mailing address? I am going to send you an article I just read. It’s aimed at college students (on how to save money), but some things apply to all of us. I think you might glean something from it, I did.

    Love you,


    Have a wonderful day! 541-419-3167

    >________________________________ > From: thestartofagoodlife >To: >Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2013 4:00 PM >Subject: [New post] Saving Money Feels Fantastic : Fridge Raid > > > > >booksnbakery posted: “hello again, dear friends!Well, today i cleaned out the refrigerator – day 3 of the Food Waste Challenge that i’m doing on I started out feeling pretty good. I have been keeping up on what all is in” >


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