Saving Money Feels Fantastic

26 Sep

hello again friends! 

I have recently stumbled across a great blog  (that i have been devouring the last day and a half) – and the writer has inspired me to do a week long Food Diary of what is wasted. yipes. I’m not sure this will be too pretty. Because I know, let me resay that –  I KNOW that we waste food way more than we should. See, my dad was one of many in that generation who repetitively  taught his kids to not waste any, and i mean ANY, food. if it went on our plate. we ate it. if it was in the fridge – we made something with it. food waste was throwing out $money$. 

Let me say – Thank you Dad for that lesson. I learned it. REAlly. I DID. 

it just….. slips the older you get i guess. So, i’m going on a mission to save more food, $money$, and to get my dad’s voice out of my head about how much $money$ i’m throwing in that garbage can (or the chicken bucket, thanks mom). 

And yes, i’m being brave and sharing it with all of you. (of course, if i didn’t tell anyone, i could mid-week give up. now i can’t. If anyone wants to join me, please do! i figure it can only help, right??? 

so, the facts: 

the page is   (i apologize for one of the ads on the side. i pretty much skim read until i can scroll down far enough on the page to not see it. dumb movie ads. ) She even has a printable  food diary. I will post every few days how it’s going and another link to that days’ blog page. =) 

How i am trying to reuse food items:

Today i am going to make a soup from chicken stock my mom froze for me, lentil beans i soaked myself, garbanzo beans my OH soaked and sweet potatoes and a whole lot of spices ( recipe: i can’t eat tomatoes or onions, so i am omitting those from the recipe. I’m feeling rather proud of myself at the moment. so much savings! 

So, dear friends, i hope you go on this journey with me, or at least read along as i brave this possibly-tear-inducing-journey. But, the enticement? She says $1500 a year can be saved on groceries. I have a hard time believing that considering that implies that you are spending a whole lot more on groceries than we are. . . but. any $money$ saved is great! 

Until next time, 


2 Responses to “Saving Money Feels Fantastic”

  1. Dad September 27, 2013 at 12:15 am #

    way to make a dad proud. brought tears to my eyes. so good to hear how we positively influenced.



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    […] Saving Money Feels Fantastic  – there is a series of these, i might do it again this year! […]


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