Saving Money Feels Fantastic: Defrosting the Freezer

30 Sep

Hello again hello again!

Today was defrosting the freezer day. I remembered to read through her whole article this time before i started. – now, my freezer wasn’t filled with ice like the one in her article! It was actually completely clear of any ice which made me happy! Go freezer! Save money! so, I pulled everything out and got to scrubbing. 

scrub scrub scrub- my arms are now sore. 

It wasn’t that dirty but any dirt in a food storage area is too much in my book! I didn’t unplug it like she suggested – since that would be unplugging my fridge too. Undoes the smarts of it all. So i cleaned fast. Organized everything back in the freezer. Then, I pulled the fridge/freezer out from against the wall to clean from behind and under. whew. Now, we have a golden retriever (read: lots of hair) and tile (read: no carpet). So when you put those two together it means that we have dog hair skittering around the floor of our house, no matter how often i sweep, it is there 10 minutes later (Thanks Lady!) . So, as you can imagine, there was dog hair under the fridge. yuck. I refrained from taking any pictures of that! I’m so nice, aren’t I?

 I wiped the wall behind, back of the fridge and anywhere else that looked dusty. Then i started scrubbing the sides of the fridge and freezer. And, I got clever. I grabbed the Scrubbing Bubbles can and used it on the whole outside! It worked like a charm. The fridge is now sparkling clean. And that makes me happy.

And I’m happy to say, the only food I threw out was some old bread, got a little freezer burnt. Sad. But that’s the first food we’ve thrown out since Saturday’s fridge cleaning! I am rather proud of us. 

Until next time – Meal Planning (yipes!) – start scrubbing those freezers!


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