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A New Series Starts Monday!!!

10 Jan

this post is really just to remind you of a new series that starts on monday! I’m writing it right now and am so excited for it. Enjoy your weekend, dears, and come back Monday!!!

A new series starts Monday!

Here’s some past posts if you want to stick around a little longer today though 😉

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Happy Saturday, Shabbat Shalom and I’ll see you on Monday!

~Laura Starr

Pretzel Rolls to Die For!

7 Sep

the title says it all. i’m not kidding. these rolls are delicious. i have been craving bread (of any kind, really) for about a week now, so was perusing Pinterest (love it!) and saw this recipe for these killer rolls. Mine didn’t come out as gorgeous as the original bloggers’ , but i’m still proud of them! Next time, i’m doubling the recipe, 6 is not enough. 

I was so excited when i found this blog, she has a ton of recipes i want to try, but here’s the link for this one.  – http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/pretzel-rolls/

this time i’ll let you go over to her site for the recipe, she’s got great pictures to go with it. i’ll throw  my pictures of my adventure down below, but i will say this is one of the first gluten free recipes i’ve had turn out great the first time i’ve tried it!!!! the only problem i had was because my oven bakes hotter than it says, so they browned quickly. I had to leave them in about 30 minutes longer than called for on low temp to get the middle fully cooked.  Oh, and I, of course, used duck eggs instead of evil chicken eggs =) 

Hope this inspires you to try baking! 




very wet dough….


Imagein the baking soda bath (had never done this before!!!)


Imageet voila!!! the finished product. and yes, i had to cut into one to eat it right away! YUM

Happy Baking friends!




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