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July 2017 Book Review

1 Aug

Hello hello! I read quite a bit this month – which always makes me happy. There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good book is there?



Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – While set in a sleepy town in Virginia, the events that take place in Scout Finch’s childhood, rock the residents of the town.

– I hadn’t read this book since high school and since I seem to be on a classic kick this year, I pulled it off the shelf! I feel like opinions on this novel are very divided – either it’s loved or hated. Well. I’m on the loved it side – I do not know why it took over 10 years for me to read it again! I enjoyed  Lee’s descriptions – the sleepy street, the moonlight on the trees, the rabid dog making its way down the street – they were so vivid I could see them. I think everyone should read this book at least once.  (Now I want to read Go Set a Watchman)

Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson – A full review of this great trilogy will be coming next month! (I promise. the wait will be worth it.)

Seasons of the Heart series by Janette Oke – Watch for a full review of this in the next few weeks!

When God Doesn’t Fix it by Laura Story

Currently Reading:

Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Anathema by Colleen Coble

On my To-Read List:

One Thousand Gifts: A dare to live fully right where you are by Ann Voskamp

Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss – I finally picked up my own copy of this book. I’m excited to read it (I’ve been doing an audio version) and finally finish it!

On Writing Well by William Zinsser


Book Review – When God Doesn’t Fix it

27 Jul

Hello friends! I have been wanting to write this review for a few weeks now – maybe longer? –  it is such a great book and I highly recommend it! (there you go, now you know, you don’t even have to read the rest of this post, haha!)


But seriously, When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story is one of those rare books that doesn’t focus on ‘if only your faith were stronger’ or ‘God is distant and doesn’t care for our day to day’ books (yes, I’ve read both of those type of ‘help’ books and I’m sure you have too!) Instead, she shares her trials and what she’s learned along the way – that despite our flaws and hard stories, God can still use us in extraordinary ways. If we remain faithful and willing.

Here are a few sections that stood out to me :

in reference to John 9, “Neither the man’s nor his parent’s sin caused the blindness. . . Imagine the deep sense of relief the blind man must have had to hear that… Jesus wanted the disciples, the blind man and the religious leaders listening to know that it wasn’t one person’s specific sin that caused this man’s hopeless situation… Jesus was clear that neither this man’s nor his parent’s sin caused his blindness. But neither did God cause it.” (page 138/139) 

This section right here made me sigh in such relief. FINALLY. Finally someone who doesn’t teach that physical sickness is because your relationship with God isn’t right. I can’t believe how many times over the years I’ve been told that. I will avoid getting on my ‘soap box’ about it but let’s just say that it’s not Biblically accurate and leave it there. (although, I encourage you to study more about this topic.) Really, she sold me completely when I read this section. I’d been holding my breath just waiting for this topic to come up.

The Bible is a book of broken stories and of sinful behaviors that cry out for redemption. That’s why the entire story of the Bible points to a Redeemer. And that Redeemer isn’t Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, Paul or even Mary. The entire Bible points to Jesus as the Redeemer – our Redeemer.”  (page 186)

I really liked this chapter. We all know the heroes of the Bible aren’t perfect but how she explains why God uses their stories to teach us is so wonderful.

What if David hadn’t been willing to write his story? Consider how different our faith would look if David’s story, both the highlights and the lowlights, had never appeared in the Bible. Think of how often we turn to the Psalms for comfort. What if David’s psalms were missing?”  (page 193)

She’s talking about being willing to share our story -even when we haven’t reached the happily-ever-after yet. When we are still in the ‘lowlights’ as she calls them. This point of David never sharing his story hit home for me. I have Psalms highlighted in my Bible from high school ( I no longer write in my Bible, but I did back then!) and have taken so much comfort from them – what if they weren’t there?!

I hope this quick review encourages you to go out and snag a copy of this book for yourself! And then, go ahead and share it with someone you think might gain from it. That’s how I got to read it, my sister in law let me borrow it (thanks sis!).


Monthly Goals: July 2017

6 Jul

Hello lovelies! June passed so quickly didn’t it?! I feel like it was really only two weeks, the way it blasted by. My OH finished up spring term and is taking summer term off – we’re both looking forward to the break! Haven’t seen much of him these past two terms. I didn’t meet a lot of my goals in June because of my health but I’m excited that every month I’ve tried a few different recipes!

On to the goals!


(This is my rose bush in my front yard! It is blooming like crazy right now and I’m loving it!) 

Recap of Monthly Goals:

Finish writing new scene in ‘Amelia’ – nope. did get some brainstorming done on ‘Georgia’ story

Post Regularly – I’m getting a bit better!

Lose weight/get healthier – I’ve been able to keep my weight at least the same, if not losing any. I’ll share more of my health next week.

Read more books on Jewish living –  It’s not Jewish, but I’m reading When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story

Write a letter to one person a month 


Try a new recipe – Once again, I have been trying recipes from Against All Grain, this time from her Meals Made Simple book – Peruvian Style Chicken, Meatloaf and Chocolate shake (with spinach not avocado). All three were yummy! I’m loving this new cookbook.

Watch/Read a documentary/biography – I started watching another Gordon Buchanan show – Snow Wolf Family and Me. Abby and I love watching it.


Recap of June Goals:

Start 21-day detox – no but I have been strict on my diet – limited starch, no processed sugar

Get my hair trimmed – Finally! I cut 6 inches off and it feels so good and healthy again

Finish Crochet projects

Go through 2 areas and declutter – not at all. This month was rough on me

Schedule landlord to clean up yard – no but I’m still hoping to. So maybe this month?

Vacation – YES. We had a wonderful time.


My new Japanese-style tub!

July Goals:

Start 21-day detox

Post Regularly (I’ve already planned out most of this month’s posts!)

Go through 2 areas and clean

Schedule landlord to clean up yard?

Sand/Paint Adirondack Chair


my dad pressure washing my chair for me!

What are your plans/goals for July? 



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