Health update – July 27th ’16

27 Jul

What with a trip to N.C. , my parents visiting this past weekend and a yard that’s been begging for TLC, writing here at SGL has been sadly neglected! I have also started two different posts, and have another one just waiting in the wings to be written, but it’s so infernal hard to concentrate today that this is all I can get down!


Overall Health: I’ve been very tired lately. Not sure if I can claim it’s adjusting back to this time zone anymore either. The first week and a half I only had one severe, long lasting migraine, this past half a week I’ve had two or three. My skin cleared up almost over night which was wonderful. My memory hasn’t improved yet but I must be getting more used to it….oy.I had to quit taking the Samento and have just started Xiao Chai Hu Tang. Focusing on anything for long is difficult right now as well. Still slowly gaining weight.

Treatment: I had to stop taking the Samento about 2 weeks ago because my reaction to it was just too strong. Once off of it, the achy weakness has disappeared and while I’m still tired it’s not anywhere near like it was before. I just picked up Xiao Chai Hu Tang yesterday and have started taking it. I have taken it previously and it helped with migraines, digestion etc, so I’m hopeful to notice a difference rather quickly. Plus, I don’t have to wait 30 min before eating like I did with the Samento!

Migraines: As long as I remember to take Pulsatilla and/or Belladonna and/or Clonidine when the pain starts, it doesn’t get so severe. When it does hit, most of the time it doesn’t stay bad for long. When it stays severe,  nothing I do seems to help.

Digestion and TMJ : No change to report. which is good!

Mood: I’ve finally evened out to feeling more like my old self, the one who notices the little things ( the fridge needing wiped down, for instance)

Sleep and Memory : nothing has changed here either. both are still iffy but not worse!

Daily Vitamins:

Clonidine – still averaging 2 a day probably.

Fish Oil – have upped to 2 a day every other day (1 on the other days)

and of course, the list from the first update!

I’m a little disheartened by such little progress but there really shouldn’t be any since I was off anything extra these past few weeks. If I could get better sleep and not be so ridiculously tired, that would help so much!

Here’s a link to the last update as well!

Thanks for stopping by, and I PROMISE to get some book reviews up soon!


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