An Early Morning Health Update

15 Nov

I am surprised how quickly I got used to feeling some better. I don’t realize how nice it is until I have a week like this past one.



My couch says ‘welcome back’. Abby the puppy says ‘why aren’t you playing with me’?  I have some fun projects in the works/waiting to be started and I just have no energy or motivation or ability to do them right now. Sigh.

I have found some things that help, typically, to cut the pain back much quicker than I hoped. They are natural, which I love. And I can take them once an hour – hallelujah. One is Pulsatilla and the other Belladonna. They look like little tiny beads, so if you hear me saying ‘i took the beads’, that’s what I’m talking about. Seriously, if I take Pulsatilla throughout the day and take Belladonna when the pain starts to get intense, on a normal, typical day   it’ll knock the severity out of the pain within half an hour. Which is brilliant, of course. But, on days like this past week, shrug. It doesn’t seem to touch the pain. I am so grateful it works majority of the time though!

I am also taking Xiao Yao San to help disperse the little black raincloud that has started forming over me these past months. I am so relieved that, most of the time, it helps. I am a laid back, happy person but, whoooeeeee! Something has gotten unbalanced in me because my mood has been….well. God has helped me bite my tongue and for that, I am grateful. Just this bit of a raincloud over me has made me think of people that struggle with depression and understand a tiny bit more what they are going through.

I started taking Berberine for the gut issues my new Dr. (yay a nice one!) thinks is the cause of a lot of my problems. But, my heart started thumping and my chest would get tender and tight. (I’ve had this periodically over the last 10 years, don’t freak out! it goes away after a while.) So, I had to stop taking the Berberine and overall the heart weirdness has stopped. I go back in beginning of December and I’m hoping I’ll get on something else to help heal my gut issues.

Let’s see – my blood tests showed I was low in several things so I am taking a few vitamins to get them up. I am excited because I just started taking an herb that is supposed to help with my energy levels! YAY!

We found out yesterday both our dogs have fleas and Lady is allergic to them. Which means if she’s awake she’s probably licking, scratching or chewing. Poor things. I am so glad I found a great vet that is just down the street from us, Lady loves them already. We didn’t have fleas in Central Oregon so it never even crossed my mind that that could be the problem! Welcome to the valley, eh?

I’m going to get back to writing on my novel, come back later in the week for a review on a great book! (if it means anything, it’s set in Ireland….scores tons of points right there for me!)




2 Responses to “An Early Morning Health Update”

  1. Katie @ Hot Tea and the Empty Seat November 18, 2015 at 7:40 am #

    So sorry you are having so much trouble with your health! I’m praying for you.


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