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Monthly Goals Link-Up: Sept 2017

5 Sep

I can’t quite believe it yet, but we’re into September folks. Which means, for our household, we are only a few weeks away from the High Holy Days and OH starting up classes again at OIT. Bless me, but I’m not ready to have him gone a few nights a week again! He’s done with this degree come the end of winter term though, so I know I will survive! (plus, I’m not the one stuck doing homework all hours of the night.)

It’s staying hot here though, and my OH just stuck his head in the door to tell me that ash is falling. ASH. From the 15 or so forest fires that are burning this state up.

I’m looking forward to cooler weather – before the rains come – when I can step outside without getting hit with heat and humidity. Humidity just sucks any sort of feeling-slightly-human right out of me.

Anyway, August went by quickly, as I knew it would with all the things we had planned. Although, some were cancelled because both dogs have been fighting hot spots for about two months now and they just can’t go out in public when they’ve got open, raw sores. Poor things.

As for my goal list this month, I did pretty well. I’m pleased with what I was able to get done -even if it wasn’t on this list. Like travel 3 hrs to Bend, sit through a fantastic performance of Willy Wonka, then go on to hang out with friends and family the rest of the day without totally and completely crashing like I thought I was going to.


Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Recap of Monthly Goals:

Integrate new scene into ‘Amelia’ – I’ve only worked on this a little bit.

Post Regularly 

Lose weight/work toward health – for more info, check out Health Update : July/Aug 2017

Read more books on Jewish living –  Neither are Jewish, but I’m reading Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend and The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie OMartian.

Write a letter to one person a month  – 

Try a new recipe – I made a recipe from my Eating Clean cookbook – No-Eggplant Garden Herb Ratatouille. It was good but I over-cooked the veggies, resulting in what felt like a stir-fry. I also made 2 recipes  from Against All Grain’s Meals Made Simple, Peruvian Style Chicken and Chicken Verde. Both were good but I think I liked the Peruvian Style best.

Watch/Read a documentary/biography – I watched Bear Family and Me by Gordon Buchanan. (I’m really going to be bummed when I watch all of his shows!)

20170807_210751 (1)

In the midst of a serious discussion

Recap of August Goals:

Finish Detox – I mostly did this. I detoxed for 12 days when I was shooting for 14.

Sand Adirondack Chair – Due to my Fibromyalgia, I am not able to do this as often as I would like. I did work on it a few times this month though.

Apply for Disability – GAH. This is the biggest frustration of August. Long story that’s still not finished.

Do Lil Laura’s Scrapbook of their visit – ha. so I had to order the pictures printed twice…. I am currently waiting for them to arrive so I can scrapbook them!


A smoky view of Mt. Hood

September Goals:

Finish Adirondack Chair before the rains come

Work on Disability

Scrapbook Laura’s visit

Deep Clean bedroom

I’ve just decided that I want to write down at least one thing that I didn’t think I’d be able to do. Even if it’s ‘walk the dogs’ – ‘go grocery shopping’ – ‘make it through doctor appointment’ —etc. I want a visible reminder that, even if it wasn’t on this goals list, I accomplished something I wasn’t sure my body would let me do. (I’ll admit to thinking that finishing the adirondack chair will be this months)


The indignity of wearing the “Cone of Shame”

Linking up with Stay Gold Autumn again for the link up!

~How was your August? Are you ready to switch gears from summer to school and fall?


Monthly Goals Link up: August 2017

4 Aug

Hello lovelies! I did rather well on my goals this month, I hope you did as well! I feel like several have turned into habits (which is the whole point eh?). I had a friend and her daughter over mid-month and that was so much fun – along with doctor visits, I’ve been kept busy.  I’m gonna add some pictures of their visit on here because I just can’t resist.


Recap of Monthly Goals:

Finish writing new scene in ‘Amelia’ – YES! My OH bought me Dragon speech recognition software just this past weekend and it’s helping me get my handwritten scene typed up to integrate it into my manuscript.

Post Regularly – I’ve noticed it seems to be the 3rd week of the month that I struggle with…

Lose weight/work toward health – I’ve been able to figure a few things out and lose some weight as well!

Read more books on Jewish living –  It’s not Jewish, but I’m reading Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend


3rd IV along with a classic book

Write a letter to one person a month  –  counting calling ppl instead of writing them

Try a new recipe – I made two recipes from my Eating Clean cookbook – The Warm Cleansing Tea (fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds) and the Coastal Carrot ‘Fettuccine’ ( the carrots are ‘ribboned’ to be the noodles) and Rosemary Roasted Carrots and Beets. All three were delicious. The tea makes several servings so I put the leftovers in my fridge and used them in my morning smoothies! I had difficulties ribboning the carrots but the dish was quite tasty anyway. And the roasted beets and carrots. YUM. I’m definitely making that one again very soon.

Watch/Read a documentary/biography –  Finished watching Gordon Buchanan’s Snow Wolf Family and Me.


At Pittock Mansion

Recap of July Goals:

Start 21 Day Detox – so this detox is from the Eating Clean cookbook that I mentioned above. While I haven’t gone as strict as I wanted to, I’ve decided to just do it but for two weeks instead of  three. I’m eating very strict and have removed as much toxins as I can right now. SO. I’m currently on day 4!

Go through 2 areas and clean – Just the other day I went through OH’s half of the  closet and pulled out the dead, the dying and the never-worn. And then straightened up the whole closet and part of my dresser. I’m gonna count that as two!

Schedule landlord to clean up yard?  – My OH is doing it and it’s looking great. He’s even laying down new mulch (it hasn’t been refreshed since we moved in 3 years ago). This heat wave we’re having is making him take a break on it though.

Sand/Paint Adirondack Chair – I FINALLY sanded a bit on it this past week. This project that I didn’t want to last even a week has now been sitting around for a month. OY.

~Side note : I did Camp Nanowrimo as well in July (it’s a more-relaxed verision of Naowrimo that’s in November). That’s how I managed to finally finish the scene for Amelia’s story. I’m hoping to carry that momentum into this next month and integrate that scene into the manuscript and then move onto more editing/filling in gaps.

~Another side note, in case you don’t know, Leverage is one of my favorite tv shows. It’s on Netflix. Go check it out. But! Christian Kane is one of the main actors in it (as well as in Librarians – both are filmed in Portland and have the same ‘feel’ thanks to it being the same producer. Also, these trailers make both shows look super intense but they are more comedy/drama, but I digress..) but I recently found out that he’s also a singer/songwriter. I’m loving this song and this song of his. Real country music right there. ( I have to add that I just got so distracted watching gag reels and such for both these shows on netflix just to get these links!) 


20170716_171558 (1)

Soaking our feet is something she loves to do with me

August Goals:

Finish Detox

Sand Adirondack Chair

Apply for Disability

Do Lil Laura’s Scrapbook of their visit






Linking up with Stay Gold Autumn again for her Monthly link up. I’ve been having a hard time with her actual link picture so I’m just sending you straight to her post and at the bottom you can find the other blogs linked up!

How was your July? 

Monthly Goals : May

4 May

April was full of stress and pain and I’m honestly glad to see it gone. Another perk is that flowers and trees are blooming and the air smells wonderfully like spring (until you pass a ‘grower’s’ house and then it’s awful. but anyway.) I printed out my goals and affixed them to my laptop so I saw them several times a day – it helped so much in reminding me to do them .  . . or to at least think about doing them.


Recap of Monthly Goals:

EDIT Amelia book til ready for a professional editor.  – For the first 2 weeks of the month I did good on this. In the midst of writing a longer, more detailed, makes-more-sense-to-the-story scene.

Make writing a habit most every day –  The first 2 weeks were spot on!

Grow SGL’s Traffic – nope. I’ve not even kept up with 2 posts a week, much less worried about growing SGL! – working on it

Lose weight/get healthier – I’ve actually started gaining again – check out my health update for more info

Read more books on Jewish living –  I’m halfway through Messianic Jewish Manifesto by David H. Stern.

Write a letter to one person a month – yes!!!

Try a new recipe – YOU GUYS.  I rocked this one this month. My parents got me a Spiralizer attachment for my Kitchenaid. So, because of that I made : Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Pasta (I added a bunch of veggies and chicken and then we put it on cauli-rice). I actually made it twice this month –  it’s now going to be a regular meal. Plus, I made Spicy Chicken and Eggplant Stir-fry (this was yummy but make sure and use a japanese eggplant like it calls for.) Below is a video of my  OH working on the charoset we made for Pesach – this thing is BRILLIANT. Plus I made bone broth for the first time yesterday although that was technically in May….all well


Watch/Read a Documentary/Biography – I watched Gordon Buchanan’s  Elephant Family and Me on Netflix. I enjoyed it so much, I then watched Polar Bear Family and Me.  He’s done a bunch of these documentaries that I fully intend on watching. Plus Abby enjoys them too


Learn Hebrew- I worked on this a teeny-tiny smidge but that’s about it

Recap of April Goals:

Edit the heck out of Amelia’s story

Be stricter on NO SUGAR and more veggies/juice – the last few weeks I have. Even got my OH to stop bringing home sugar-filled items this past week. Plus I’ve definitely increased my veggies and juice intake!

Finish gallery wall

start a container garden – started planning it!!

Get my hair trimmed

Do Metal Toxicity test asap

Go to Craniosacrial chiropractor appt –  did this times 5 times 

plan a stay-cation for our 4th anniversary – This didn’t happen. I was in severe neurological pain and OH was sick. I ordered take-out (through Grubhub) , he rented some movies from Redbox, we ate and he fell asleep while I watched a movie. All well. We were both home and together, that’s what matters! 

I tried a few cleaning tricks that are BRILLIANT and I just had to share them with you.  Natural alternative to bleach (this got our duvet cover CLEAN) and Erase Stains from Mugs (this seriously worked on all 4 mugs I tried it out on) and Cleaning your Dishwasher  (I’d done this before, works great!)

For May:

Edit the heck out of Amelia’s story

Be stricter on NO SUGAR and more veggies/juice

Finish gallery wall

start a container garden

Get my hair trimmed

Watch Under Our Skin 2

Finish crochet projects

Go through at least 2 areas and declutter

Go on a DATE with OH

~A lot of the stress of April was been car-related. OH’s car was full of mold. The Subaru started smoking and rattling worse than ever and had to go to the shop. The Bug blew a belt. The puppies enjoyed the morning OH was working on the Bug as they got to hang out front with us.

~I’ve been wanting this book and this book for a while now, I might end up buying them this month!

~I’m currently enjoying this playlist on Youtube

Once again, I’m linking up with StayGoldAutumn.com for monthly goals! Check it out!
Like to post about your goals? Link up with any goal post in staygoldautumn.com's linkup on the first day of the month!

Any fun plans for May? 


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