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Social Media Overstimulation

13 Oct

Social Media OverstimulationI’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. But it wasn’t until I watched the video below that I decided to actually talk about it here on SGL . I am on some sort of technology a lot lately – whether it’s my ‘smart’ phone, laptop or tv – and I’m not too fond of that! I know that a lot of it is because of my health, with having so little ability to get out and do things, the lure of internet is strong.

But I want to fight back a bit against it. I want to pick up my crocheting again. I want to write more (which, I realize is still on the laptop, but it’s not surfing through pinterest….) I want to write letters to my friends. I want to start that challah bread cover I have plans for. I want to learn calligraphy. I could even get adventurous and pick up the guitar I own. Once we move, I can start piano again too (- currently it resides in my parents’ house).

To put it simply – I want to be present in my own life. I want to go toward the goals I have!

I am not saying I’m going to cut myself off completely from all the things I do online, after all I’ve got this blog and that requires not only writing each post but then the promotion that takes an awful lot of time each week. I am also a part of a writing group and contemplating joining another creative group. I enjoy these groups that encourage me to create, to work on my craft and push me toward the goal of creating an income for myself.

Some of you might have seen this video already, but I encourage you to watch it anyway. I have seen others like this, but I enjoy this one as it rhymes and that makes me happy, always. (why do you think I love Dr. Seuss?? )

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