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Pinterest Workout Challenge #2

27 Aug


Pinterest Workout Challenge

Well, it has been two weeks and I am a little disappointed with myself at how many days I have missed. =(  I would do good for a few days and then sleep in….. or forget…. Sigh. So I have made a little list of what I need to improve on:

~ have workout clothes ready for the morning 

~ workout even when my OH is home

~ Get up around the same time every morning

Honestly, I think getting up and working out when my OH is home is going to be the most difficult one! He is only home 3 days a week right now, so I always want to laze about with him instead of lacing up my shoes and working out. But I’ve simply got to. This week, my mom and I have been meeting each morning and walking with our dogs. We walk about 3 miles. Woot!  But I want to also do a workout. . . . I was thinking of continuing the leg workout, but how boring is that when I’ve got a bunch of different leg workout pinned? So, I am going to come back to that one some day and try this new one. 

Trim Your Inner Thighs in 15 Minutes

Ironically, this one has the same moves as the first workout I chose, with a few more added in. So, the goal is to do this before/after I walk with my mom! As this isn’t a stated ‘in 2 weeks’ workout, I am thinking I will set it a goal for myself. 2 weeks and stick with it. 

Are you joining me this week in the workout challenge? What workout are you doing? 

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