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Camp NANOWRIMO update

10 Jul

Hello friends! 

I thought for today I’d share a snippet of what I’ve been working on for Camp nanowrimo, although I haven’t gotten near as far on it as I want. I have 3,199 words so far and 22 days left til camp ends. The unofficial word goal is 50,000 but I’ve never been too set on that number, focusing more on writing more often and getting a story down. Enjoy.

camp nanowrimo update



“I had grown up reading about heroines. Those women who were confident, beautiful and strong.  To say any of those things about me, you would have to be lying. I knew who I was, and who I wanted to be, it was just how to get there that I was…struggling with.

I had almost reached my sixteenth year without anything extraordinary happening to me. I was gangly with a bush of red hair that had recently gone from smooth and straight to frizzy and curly. My dreams of being as beautiful as Elizabeth Bennett or Anne Shirley seemed doomed.  My eyes were a plain brown instead of the dazzling blue I had always longed for. I also had the unfortunate habit of preferring to stay in and reading novels to going out with the other girls in my class.  My parents were glad of it in a way, I think. It meant I wasn’t getting into any trouble like my brothers had a habit of doing. That’s another thing I had always envied in my novels, the large families of beloved sisters. I was stuck with three brothers. All were older, dim-witted and content with their status in life.  Father took it upon himself to name his sons – Cedric, Horace and Leopold. I’d heard it said in whispers that it was no wonder my brothers were no good, just look at the names they had to bear. When I came along, my mother picked my name. I always thought that was a good choice or I would have ended up with something like Bertha. I knew a Bertha once – a nasty girl. I can never like that name now. My mother likes to tell me that she pored over baby names  for just the right name. And although my father wasn’t too keen on it in the beginning, it being too ‘common’ of a name, he now says that it suits me quite well.

Let me introduce myself properly, my name is Amelia Lynn. I am fifteen years old and waiting for adventure to find me.”


Sleep and Writing – it’s a good combination

4 Jun

I must admit to feeling a bit overwhelmed and worn out right now. I know part of it is having stayed up too late and waking up earlier than normal. Being sleepy makes me grumpy more negative. . . Which is not cool. But, there are other causes for it, and once things are more settled and planned and concrete, I will share them with you, for now, and for the next few months, if I seem to whine, daydream or come across as simply unsettled, forgive me, and say a prayer for me! Big changes are good, fun and a part of life, but I feel like, until they are completely for sure and planned, they just upset the calm, steady day to day more than I might prefer.

For now, I’m going to plan my OH’s graduation party (!two weeks!) and then maybe a 4th of July party/picnic. And Saturday morning is Pregnancy Resource Center’s Walk for Life which we will be heading to early-ish! And then it’s my sister -in – law’s baby shower in the afternoon! I am super excited for that as well – they are having their first girl. EEk! 


Well, do you remember when I did the NANOWRIMO?

(read here for original post  https://thestartofagoodlife.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/writing-again/ ) They also have a ‘camp’ in the middle of the year and I just signed up for it. I am thinking I’ll work on either a children’s or young adult piece.

Here is the link if you want to check out my profile for it! http://campnanowrimo.org/campers/dreaminagain

(I have tried – unsuccessfully – to put up pictures to go with this post, but for some reason, they aren’t showing up. Sigh. And I’m too tired to keep arguing with this laptop… So, forgive the boring-ness without a pretty photo!) 

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk to you again soon!


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