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Book Review – August 2017

1 Sep

I’m so proud of myself for getting this up today, I really wasn’t sure if I was going to! I feel like I should get a gold star. Kidding, just kidding. There’s quite an array of genres this month, so hopefully you find something to add to your to-read list!



Anathema by Colleen Coble – In the peaceful Amish community in Indiana, Hannah harbors a secret. She has an English beau that she sneaks out to be with. But one night, while she’s gone, her parents are brutally murdered. The entire community is shocked but encourage Hannah to forgive the killer. Instead, she runs away with her English beau, Reese. When circumstances force her to return to the community, can Hannah find forgiveness and a place to call home once again?

~I’ve read many Amish-based novels over the years so when I heard this one was really good but very different, I was kind of skeptical. I mean, how different can you get? Well. Coble did it. This is a tear-your-heart-out story that you are so glad you read. (as opposed to those that leave you dissatisfied and wishing you hadn’t ever heard of it much less read it). There is faith mentioned but it’s not as big a message as many of the Amish books I’ve read. This would get a four out of five stars from me for characters and story line, I enjoyed it that much. I would recommend this to anyone – although you might want to pre-read it before passing it to a young teen as there are some intense scenes.

Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss- The beloved tale of a Swiss family being shipwrecked on an island and using everything around them in order to survive and thrive for years. From taming wild animals to building a spinning wheel and drawbridges, the Robinson’s ingenuity and tenacity inspire readers of every generation.

~If you’ve been following SGL for a while, you’ll know that I started out listening to this story via Libravox sometime near the beginning of the year. I finally bought a copy so I could finish it. Thank goodness for Powell’s, feeding my book addiction. Anyway, while there was much described that I didn’t understand (names of animals for instance), it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this story. I love the faith displayed as well. A great adventure story for just about any age.

Love Finds You in Sisters Oregon by Melody Carlson – It’s been over 10 years since Hope has been back to her hometown of Sisters, Or. And just as long since she saw her two sisters. But when her grandmother passes away, she can’t avoid them any longer. Her plan is to be there just long enough to attend the funeral and then she’s out of there. But then she finds out that she inherited Nona’s house and little dog. Not to mention a friendship with Nona’s handsome young attorney. In order to keep her inheritance, Hope is going to have to learn how to live among her sisters – who are none too happy about her inheriting everything.

~ The Love Finds You series is a large series and Carlson wrote a few of them – In Pendleton, Or, being one of them. This was a cute story overall – and it was fun knowing the places she was talking about. I  have to admit to being a bit disappointed with it though. The development of the characters seemed rushed at the end. I liked the parallels/comparison of the sisters to the Three Sisters (mountains) but the discord among them honestly got on my nerves. By the end of it, I liked it better than I did halfway through, if that helps! It was cute and it’s a good light, fun read overall though.

The English Garden Series – The Proposal and The Rescue by Lori Wick – Set in the early 1800s in England, this series has a delightful ‘Austen’ feel that I just love.

~I have read the first two and am waiting to read the rest! And then I will share a full series review with you. For now, suffice it to say that I enjoy this series every time I read it. 

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Series Review – Annie’s People by Beverly Lewis

14 Oct

I have just finished a series by Beverly Lewis. A trilogy, if you want to be persnickety about it. It is Annie’s People, a three book series that delves into an Amish community in Paradise, Pennsylvania. Despite the town name being about the best you could hope for, there are plenty of problems brewing in this community.


A Preacher’s Daughter, book 1 – Annie Zook harbors a serious secret, one that has already cost her her beloved. Painting is like breathing for Annie, unfortunately, it is forbidden. She will have to choose between the pull of her People and the pull of her passion – but her heart longs for both.

Louisa Stratford is Annie’s long-time pen pal in the fancy world. Feeling betrayed by her parents and fiance, she decides to get away from the chaos of her world and visit Annie. But in trying out the simple life, will she nudge Annie back toward the Plain life, or furthur away from it?

The Englisher, book 2 Trying to respect the promise she made to her father, Annie  struggles to stay away from her art and follow the rules of the People.  But in the midst of this struggle, another one appears. Ben Martin is an Englisher who is falling fast for Annie, for her though, he is just as off limits as her art.

Louisa can’t seem to bring herself to leave the Plain community, but will a visit from a friend pull her home?

The Brethren, book 3 –   Living with her shunned friend, Annie Zook is caught between two worlds. Which will she choose – the People or the Outside? And will she be able to be with Ben Martin?

Her choice made, Louisa struggles with her decision. Her head and heart are one place, while her body is another. Will she adjust?

My Review:

I didn’t share as much as even the backs of the books have on them to not give anything away. I read these one right after the other, completely sucked into their world! These books touched on different aspects of the Amish world (and just regular old life problems) that I have never seen before. I appreciated it, it brought a bit of the nitty gritty into the story. Obviously one of the main themes is Annie seeking if she belongs with the People or not. Some of the others discussed are : marital longings/needs, abortion, materialistic vs. faith/family focused (outside vs. People) , following the Ordnung vs. faith in Christ, miscarriage, etc.  I greatly appreciated how she handled the faith portion. Also, the marital needs was handled very well, nothing skanky in how it was presented but it was consistent throughout the books.

Because of that, I would not recommend them for younger teen girls – I won’t put an age on that because, not having kids of my own, I couldn’t properly judge that. BUT, I will suggest someone reading them first before giving them to a younger teen.

I greatly enjoyed these books – as I said, I read one right after the other! The ending was a bit of a twist than what I had decided it would be earlier on in the series. Because we all do that right? Decide how the book will end three chapters in?


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