Monthly Goals – Dec 2017

12 Dec

I feel so behind already this month friends! Along with that, I feel very unmotivated to write, which is sad since I really wanted to be further along in editing my novel.


Recap of Monthly Goals:

Edit ‘Amelia’ – I got through it once and have started going through it again!

Post Regularly – Not at all. But with my health crashing and the holiday, I am not surprised

Lose weight/work toward health –  !!

Read more books on Jewish living –  Finished Jewish Roots by Dan Juster and also read (non-Jewish) For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn (insert link to review) and have started For Men Only.

Write a letter to one person a month  – nope

Try a new recipe – Sweet Potato Soup –it was so delicious! I really want to make it again. I also tried a new granola bars recipe but I can’t remember where I got it from.

Watch/Read a documentary/biography – The Painting Life of Vincent Van Gogh. ~Now, you might not know this about me, but I am a huge fan of Van Gogh’s paintings. I have a dream of going to see an exhibit of his somewhere, someday. Anyway, this documentary was interesting and told so much about where he got his inspiration from. Also, I really want to go see this movie they made about him


Tea date at Townshends!

Nov Goals:

Finish Cleaning Laundry Room – It was technically in Dec that I finished it but since it was before this post went up, I’m counting it.

NANOWRIMO – yes yes and yes! I busted through my entire manuscript in the first few weeks. Writing tons of notes, marking where new scenes need to go, etc. The last two weeks, I started going through it again but didn’t get very far

Donate stuff to thrift store – nope. I’m going through a bit more stuff before I do

1 thing I did that I didn’t think I could: I got up the gumption to call the disability lawyer again and am having them help me with all the insanity of trying to get approved for disability


Dec Goals:

blood draw for CMP

eye doctor appointment

Go through Guest Closet

Donate stuff to thrift store


Do you set monthly goals? If you do, how did you do in November? 







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