Currently: Sept 2016

9 Sep
I found this post from a few years ago and decided it would be fun to do it again! Enjoy!
making: almond milk is in the soaking stage!
cooking:  nothing/because you don’t really cook almond milk =)
drinking: water, lots of water
reading:  City of Tranquil Light
wanting: to live close enough to a dog park that I can walk to it
crafting: gifts!
wishing: all my dear friends lived near me 
enjoying: listening to Count Basie
waiting: for the movie I’m transferring from vhs to dvd to finish
liking:  this cooler weather
wondering: if my health will ever get back to what it should be
loving: being able to keep the house cleaner
hoping: I can edit my book without too much revision
smelling: the diffuser
needing: more sleep, less pain
wearing: comfy pajamas because I can
noticing: my mood is a bit better this week – yay!
thinking: I really should walk the dogs today
bookmarking/pinteresting:  fall decorations and outfits; inspirational quotes
thanking: Abby for finally calming down; my OH for being such a great support and listener in times of need ; a friend for guiding me back to God when I get to whining
giggling:  some seriously funny things on pinterest lately
feeling: tired and yet content with where we are right now; disbelief that Abby is a year old ; excited I’ve finished the first draft of my novel

Copy and paste and play along! Leave your link below!

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