Little Britches Series Review

16 Aug

I was introduced to Little Britches by a friend of mine and I enjoyed it so much I grabbed as many books of the series from the library as I could. There are a few more, Shaking the Nickel Bush, The Dry Divide and Horse of a Different Color but I don’t think I’m going to get to them this go-round.



Little Britches – It was 1906 when Ralph Moody’s family moved from the east coast to Colorado. Ranching is full of challenges, ones that his father teaches him to think through and overcome. Through wind storms, water wars and family picnics, Ralph shares the hardships and pleasures of ranching. He was also being groomed to be a man, and to take his father’s place when the time came.

 Man of the Family – Ralph Moody has had to shoulder the responsibilities of a man at only 11 years old. The family is determined to stay together though, so Mother and Grace start baking and repairing lace curtains while Ralph builds frames, trades rabbits and delivers the baking.

The Home Ranch – At 12, Ralph goes to work on a cattle ranch for the summer, earning a grown man’s wage, a dollar a day. He soon loves the life of a rancher but has a lot to learn about cattle, horses and people. He teaches a new friend some trick-riding stunts and eats his weight in flapjacks.

Mary Emma  and Company- The family has moved to Massachusetts and now must struggle to become independent again. Through his job at the grocery store, Ralph (now 13) finds them a house they can afford. Mary Emma starts a laundry business and little by little, they win the war against poverty.

Fields of Home – Ralph is sent to his grandfather’s farm in Maine after some trouble in Boston. Ralph has always had a knack for making things so the job is easier but his grandfather doesn’t like machinery and farms the way his daddy taught him. Uncle Levi comes by and helps but both Ralph and Grandfather have to learn to give a little.

~What a fun series to read! I think I told my OH the general story for each one of these books as I read them – I just HAD to share them with someone! The only one I didn’t enjoy right off the bat was Fields of Home and that was just because the grandfather was so crotchety and always calling Ralph a ‘tarnal fool boy’ that I put it down for a week or so. I ended up really enjoying the last half though! These books would be great to read with your kiddos or for the older ones to read on their own!  Little Britches has a few ‘minor’ cuss words in it but there aren’t any in the other books.    The adventures that Ralph has are so fun and it’s just amazing to think that they all actually happened! I feel so silly saying that, but once you read the books, you’ll understand what I mean! What a life he had! 


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