Jan 2016- Book Review

3 Feb

I’d been happily reading through fantastic blogs, several of them series’ when it hit me-



I have a series post that I need to write! Whoops! So, here it is, I haven’t read a LOT this month due to, well, life, getting in the way. (yes life includes this one wanting to play fetch all the time. and EAt. and then play fetch. and then Eat. then play hide and seek. and then EAt…well you get the idea. Thank goodness she likes naps still…)

That Certain Spark by Cathy Marie Hake -When twins Drs. Enoch and Taylor Bestman arrive in Gooding, Texas, the town is eager to welcome their new veterinarian and doctor. But when they find out the doctor is actually a woman, the whole town is up in arms. One of the men against it is Karl Van der Vort, local blacksmith. He doesn’t like her unladylike occupation, although he can’t deny her skills after becoming her first patient.

A true christian romance that I typically read in just a few days, this is a light read that you can kind of predict the ending but Hake throws in some curveballs throughout that keep it interesting! I love Taylor’s spunk and how protective Karl is of her right from the start. 


Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury – Cory Briggs knows he is blessed to have Megan Gunn as his foster mom, but when she tries to adopt him, he is adamant about one thing. Aaron Hill, star quarterback of the 49ers is his dad. Aaron has all he’s ever dreamed about but he’s about to have his life changed forever. Derrick Anderson knows this is his last season playing football, but there is one more thing he has to do…

i know, i know , a ‘football book’? ( i really hope you read that in the whiny voice of the sick little boy at the beginning of Princess Bride ‘ is this a kissing book?’) but this is one I’ve been reading for years. The characters are such that I would love to go to coffee with Megan and to hang out at the Anderson’s house. =)


A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’engle  – This is the adventures of Meg, her brother Charles Wallace and Calvin O’Keefe’s adventures. They take a wild flight with unearthly strangers to find Meg’s missing father – way too long ago he disappeared while working for the government on a secret project involving the tesseract. The tesseract is a wrinkle in time, and while many don’t believe it exists, it does.

–  I ended up borrowing this one from a friend, and read it in about two days! While it was a little different and you could tell it was written for a younger audience, it was still a great read. I look forward to reading the second book in the series. You travel to different planets – and meet different species – with the children, and while it’s fantastical, it was fun.


Maire by Linda Windsor– In Ireland in the fifth century the light of Christ was spreading – thanks in huge part to the druids who started seeking truth. During this time of change, two warriors stand against evil. Rowan of Emrys, a leader of his tribe and repentant warrior and Maire, warrior queen of Gleannmara. As these two leaders form an unlikely and unplanned bond, they face the evil druid, Morlach  who is determined to have Maire and Gleannmara and Rowan’s older brother who sold him into slavery as a boy.

~Ahh, Ireland. One day I will go there! But for now, I read novels. And this one is a four-star story! I have been reading this one yearly for, well, years and years and years. As a warning for younger readers, there is talk about marital rights and pleasures. As usual for me, it is very mild but present throughout the novel. 



Dragonhaven by Robin Mckinley – Being a young boy growing up in a dragon museum sounds like it’d be the best thing ever, but Jake knows the truth. The tourists and the government make it a difficult, if unique, world. Dragons are extinct, and Smokehill is one of the few places in the world that is designed to protect them. But when Jake finds an orphaned dragonlet and tucks it in his shirt to save it, he sets in motion a series of events that he never would have dreamed of.

Having loved all other Mckinley books that I’ve come across, I took a chance and bought this one straight off the shelf ( instead of getting it from the library first!). I was so excited to read it, I passed on starting The Count of Monte Cristo! Sadly, while I loved the story line and the unique plot, I didn’t love the style of writing Mckinley used. I was interested enough to finish the story, but now that Im in the epilogue, I don’t know if I’ll get through it. I’m bummed about it but I did fall in love with Lois and Gulp!


~I’m having a hard time with my photo editor but since i’m days late posting this, i’m going to send it out in the world of, well, 0’s and 1’s and hope that you’ll all forgive me, i’ll try and get a cover photo before this weekend!

What have you been reading? Any inspirational or writing books you’d recommend?


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