Missing in Action

30 May

I am typing this on our tv, and little keyboard. While this set up is great for what we want it for – netflix, video games, etc, it’s not the  best or easiest for blogging… The reason being is that my relatively new laptop went on the fritz! So sad. So, right when I was going to get together a book review for you all (which I have missed for far too many months, I am so sorry!) as well as work on my novel, I went to my desk and the thing wouldn’t turn on. heavy sigh. i did scribble out the bit for my novel before it deserted me, like most writing ideas do if you don’t pay them proper attention.

I am hoping to have my fabulous laptop back in working order next week with a book review and then a post on the Virtue series (another series that I have missed a time or two!).

But for now, kick your feet up, enjoy the fabulous weather that seems to have settled in and pray that our AC will get hooked up quickly. hehe. I’m kidding. (but really, i’d love it if it could get hooked up tomorrow!)

Thanks for stopping by,



And guess what?!?!?! I almost forgot to tell you. Right before the laptop went to sleep, I bought my own domain!! More changes will becoming , but for now, I’m just going to revel in the fact that I own my own domain!! (fyi- no longer does my blog address have the …..wordpress.com attached to it, now it’s just …..com!!)

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