Book Review – February 2014

28 Feb

Hello hello! I am grabbing a few minutes in between everything to get this typed out (although I just realized I left the hummus and chips over on the kitchen counter… sigh). It is time for our monthly Book Review! I cannot believe how fast this month (mostly) went. I did not read as much of a variety of books this month as I had planned. I had wanted to start a book on Jewish culture and beliefs but will scootch that over to next month! I did have everything from a huge disappointment, to a try-and-read-as-much-as-you-can to ‘i’m in love with this book and all I want to do is read’ this month.

Well, let’s get started and hopefully you find something new to try!

  • Hans Brinker – by Mary Mapes Dodge  – — yes this was on last month’s list too! I FINALLY finished it. I must say I really enjoyed this classic ‘childrens’ tale although my interest did wane a bit in the middle. She does a fantastic job of describing Holland and telling the reader about the history of the place. The characters were delightful. My only problem was that it took me so long to read that I forgot who some of them were! sad. All in all, a delightful book.
  • A Northern Light – by Jennifer Donnelly  — another one that I started last month. this one, on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. I got to disc 3 (yes, it was an audiobook) Turned it off right away in shock at what I’d just heard and sent it back to the library the next day. sad.
  • Lights of the Veil – by Patty Metzer – – this is one of my ABSOLUTELY FAVORITES. I probably read this book three or more times a year. It is set in modern times, mostly in India – which makes it intriguing and fabulous right there. Christian faith and Hindu faith collide in this love story. Erica Tanner unexpectedly meets her late sister’s only son only to be kidnapped hours later and taken to India. Through bravery and lots of prayer, Erica unexpectedly makes a friend of  Prince Sajah Araji and through it all tries to fulfill her promise to her sister to not let her son be raised Hindu. It is a fantastic love story with suspense mixed in. All in all, a book that pulls you in from the first sentence ( I even had to read the first paragraph to my OH because her imagery is so wonderful)
  • Kisses From Katie – Katie Davis  — This one I heard of  from a blog I follow – Beyond the Cover  (  – and was able to get it from the library. It is a story of a young girl – fresh from high school- who put off college, said goodbye to her friends and boyfriend and headed to Uganda to do missionary work and how God changed her life, and those around her. Her entries are honest and touching – there isn’t any ‘prettying it up’ in this book.  It is a great, moving book. I absolutely recommend it. (I will say that the due date came and passed before I finished this! I read as much as I could before I absolutely had to take it back, which means I made it through all but the last two chapters)
  • The Shepherd’s Voice – Robin Lee Hatcher — This is another one of my favorites.  Finally free from prison, Gabe Talmadge can’t find work during the Great Depression. So he heads home to Ransom, Idaho to seek help from his harsh father. But he is rescued by a young woman that owns a sheep ranch. He is turned away by his father, but finds forgiveness and acceptance in Akira Macauley and in God. But tragedy strikes again and he must decide between his new faith and new life or if he will once again slide into the pit of despair and hopelessness. I absolutely adore Akira. If you must know, it’s more how I thought I would turn out to be! I love her depth of faith. This story is very sweet and a must read!
  • Duty and Desire – by Pamela Aidan — This is book two of her series on Mr. Darcy. Thank goodness for the library! This one is set more in his world – London and Pemberly. You get to know his sister, Georgianna, and some of his other relatives and friends more in this book. One of my favorite of his friends is Lord Dyfed Brougham. A great character. I am not sure that I have ever read this before… which is so fun! I just started this the other day so you will hear more of it next month!

I hope you found something you want to try  – let me know if you want more descriptions for the books…I have been hmming and hahing (how DO you spell those?) over it while I’ve been writing.

Well, it’s my OH’s birthday tomorrow – so if you know him – overwhelm him with your version of happy birthday on his voicemail or facebook. hehe. but don’t tell him that I encouraged you in it…

Happy Reading!


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