The yes-it’s-actually-working-for-me- skin treatment

25 Feb

I thought I would share this again! I bought another bottle of the Lotion with Potion over the holidays and they have changed their formula. While I still like it, and love that they’ve added peppermint, it didn’t last near as long as the last bottle (that one lasted a year! and here it is only 3 or so months later) It is still a lotion that I love though. Happy Cleansing!

the start of a good life

I have had, what i call, ‘skin issues’ (i absolutely hate the other words used for it ‘acn–‘ ‘pimp—‘ look , i can’t even type them. that’s how much i really do not use those words…) since a very early age. I can still remember my mom , bless her heart, telling me that since i started getting it so early, it would clear up sooner than most girls. . . . well, here i am 28 years old and still fighting it!
and losing to it mostly.
But recently i have found some things that have helped. and how overly glad that makes me!!!
So, i thought i would share them with you, in the chance that it might help you with your battle of the dreaded ‘issues’
step 1:
in the beginning of this year i splurged (well, that’s not entirely accurate, my OH did..) and bought Bare…

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