Bake something Special : Week 3 of the challenge

21 Oct

“People who love to eat are always the best people”  – Julia Child

A new week has started already! Can you believe it? The sunshine we have had here is so great – I actually got to get out and enjoy it on saturday with some of my family going to the pumpkin patch! so much fun – 5 adults to 7 kids, not too bad of ratio! ha. 

But on to the challenge, I have to say, that since I WAS sick all last week ( and am actually fighting a cough still) I am counting my challenge of having a family fun night as accomplished as it could have been. We had some friends ( who are like another set of parents to us) over for dinner, cribbage and watching the Ducks play against Washington State. (Go Ducks!). It was a lot of fun and I wasn’t sick til the next day! ha. so, how did you guys do with your challenge of a family fun night? Please share!!!!!

As for this week, well, I like this one. Make something special for your family this week – for no reason at all! If you have kids, get them involved! If not, grab your hubby or a friend and make it more fun in the kitchen! I am wondering what I’ll make since my OH and I are off all processed sugar now. . . Hmmm, this will take some thinking. But I did buy a cute owlet pan that I want to use , whatever I end up making! =) 

Here is the link to the actual challenge :  and don’t forget to sign up to win a kitchenaid mixer! how cool is THAT prize?? (If I could find a place on my counters for mine, I’d commandeer mine back from my mom’s house!) 

Happy cooking/baking and don’t forget to keep that candle burning! 

God bless! 


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