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18 Oct

Happy Friday everybody! 

This has been a gorgeous week here in the High Desert. Sadly, I’ve only been able to enjoy it through windows. I had so much planned for this week! spending time with friends, cleaning out the pantry (!), trying out  a new challah recipe, grooming the dog, etc etc! I was going to be productive this week!

And then I got sick. I’ve been on this couch since Tuesday morning. I used to love it. Now I’m not so sure. Thank goodness for the wonderful mom that i have that came and brought me soup from Chans (yum!) and cleaned the house up. As my OH said last night, ‘you can always tell when Laura is sick because she  isn’t able to do anything about her OCD’.  Hehe. It’s true. Dishes stacked on the counter just bothers me. . . . It might have something to do with the fact that our house is teeny tiny and if you’re sitting on the couch, you are only steps away from the kitchen, aaand the dirty dishes. There’s no escaping them. 

I have gotten distracted though, I thought I would give you a lineup of my favorite blogs. Some I’ve been following for quite a while, some I have only recently found. I hope you enjoy going through these and finding some gold nuggets. =) 

  • – she has information on being gluten free, and dairy free! Plus great recipes and she does a ‘gluten free wednesday’ series that is fantastic. 
  • – now I admit that i haven’t done any of the crafts that she has shared, yet. But I have saved them on Pinterest and have plans to. I love the information on Jewish holidays that she shares. 
  • – this is a relatively new blog for me but I love it. I could spend hours going through her past posts. She has so much information! I especially liked her article about Healthy Air Travel. Very good stuff in there. 
  • – now some of you have already been to this blog, because we are doing her ‘make your home a haven’ challenge! (reminder : plan a family fun night!). not only does she have homemaking advice, there’s also parenting, marriage, ministry etc on there! A great blog for the Christian wife. =)
  • – another great Christian blog. Now, I admit that I don’t make it to her actual blog very often but she sends out daily prayers to your email, or if you’re on facebook and ‘like’ her page, you get them on your timeline. I am going through her devotional that was recently published and it is good. A 30 day devo that covers, well… check  it out on her page! I actually met Jennifer when she was in town and held a ‘book discussion’ or whatever we all called it! I t was a great time of meeting with other Christian women and discussing the joys and difficulties of marriage and life. 
  • – this last one is a friend of mine’s blog. She is a great photographer but I also love her style of writing. 


Well, I could add about a dozen more to the list but I’ll stop there! I hope you enjoy checking some of these out. And hopefully I’ll be up and about again soon so I can get on to what all I actually want to post about!  If you want to check out my pinterest page for recipes, health ideas, fashion, etc  here is a link ! –

And please, if there’s something you have been wondering how to make – gf, df, ef, or whatever, please let me know, I’m willing to experiment for/with you! 

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