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Writing a novel synopsis is hard

14 Mar

What a weekend! I got to go to a friends’ final wedding dress fitting on Friday and then had some friends over for a girls’ movie night, at which point, when my OH was picking one of them up to bring her over, his car died… several hours later, they got here. Sad car, Sad OH.  Saturday was good, Abby didn’t eat the wall, Lady didn’t throw up (yes, those both have been happening lately) and OH and I went out for a bit of something to do. Scoring me a movie I’ve been wanting – The Count of Monte Cristo. And yesterday was one of the strangest days. OH and I actually slept in for the first time in forever. Add to that the time change… Yeah, before I knew it, it was the afternoon and then I turned around again and it was evening. It makes for a vaguely-off feeling all day, I’m hoping today will be a little more normal.


I’m hoping that normal includes lots of writing. I’ve been going back to pencil and paper for my novel -ever since I hurt my back last month and couldn’t sit up no matter how much I wished to (and my laptop has an aversion to being unplugged and not on a solid surface. It tends to freeze and laugh in the face of my frustration.)  so I grabbed OH’s nice  big, solid book of learning Greek, some loose notebook paper and sharpened a shining pencil. 8 pages down and I’m actually loving it. Yes, it’s a little frustrating having to type it all out to get it with the rest of my novel, and SAVED (you really don’t know what Abby is going to do next, she has a habit of eating, spilling or running roughshod over the randomest things) .

Anyway, back to my neglected novel, I’m happy to say that I feel like I’ve finally got a firm direction figured out for my protagonist (thanks in large part to my mom and OH) which means I don’t have to dilly dally with what to write. It’s amazing what having a clear goal can do for the creative process! Ha. The struggle now is not focusing on what I am going to have to go back and edit. Yes, I’m back to working out events and names and all sorts of things while I’m making meals, playing with the dogs or even trying to sleep 😉 I am really hoping to make my goal of finishing it by the end of June or July.

I’m still trying to write a good synopsis of it, so I’ll give it another go here:

In 1899, Amelia Lynn Hughes is a young girl longing for adventure. The strict rules her Mother makes her live by strain her patience and spirit. Her one kindred spirit is her aunt that lives in the city. So when she’s asked to come and be a companion to her, she agrees readily.

Angela Barrington finds herself alone and with a terrible diagnosis from her doctor. Unable to face what’s coming on her own, she asks her niece to come live with her. She also hopes that she will be able to build Amelia up where her Mother has torn her down. And to leave behind a legacy that she could be proud of.”


Sigh. Something like that, anyway. I have a feeling it’ll keep changing until I’m actually finished with it and HAVE to come up with a good one, haha.

I am falling completely in love with writing in the 1800’s though, I fully expect my next novel to be in the early part of the century.

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