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January 2017’s Book Review

27 Jan

It’s rather appalling but I’ve only finished TWO books this month. TWO. This has got to be a new low for me.

But! You will notice that I’m currently in four (very different) books right now. So, I guess I don’t feel too badly.


The Unfolding Heart by Joann A. Grote As a headstrong, independent woman, Millicent Strong is certain she doesn’t need either a man, or God in her life. She’s sure of her path and convictions until she goes to her brother’s wedding in the West and meets the kind-hearted minister, Adam Conrad. Their mutual interest is strong but her lack of faith – and unwillingness to leave the comforts of civilization for the West,  threaten their love. (Love Song, 1997)

Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier – Jenica lives with her sisters and father in the Transylvania woods in Piscul Draculi – a castle that hides a portal to the Other Kingdom. Every month, on the Full Moon, the sisters go through the portal and dance the night away. But in their world, everything is changing and soon, events will bring their two worlds together and change everything. Forbidden love – Unswerving anger over an act of betrayal – an enchanted frog – and the ultimate test of trust.

~I enjoyed these both immensely, so go check out my full reviews! If you’ve been around here more than a year, you’ll notice that I read Wildwood dancing AT LEAST twice a year. It’s that good.

Currently Reading:

Failure is Impossible: Susan B. Anthony in her own words by Lynn Sherr – Anthony’s letters and notes are combined with reports and essays, making this book a-one-of-a-kind, giving a glimpse into Susan B. Anthony’s life and passion for the causes she fought every day of her life for.

~I am so excited to be reading this! I found it at the library while searching for research materials for the book I’m plotting (!). I am pretty much reading a chapter every morning as I eat my breakfast – which means it is a good read. It’s not necessarily a quick one  though. It is full of interesting tid-bits about this hero from so long ago. She dedicated her life to rights for women, as well as temperance and abolishing slavery (and I’m only in the fifth chapter!) 

Messianic Jewish Manifesto by David H. Stern – This book studiously ignores the argument between being a Christian or a Jew – instead believing that being a Messianic Jew is a movement. A right. A challenge. And that challenge is to heal the brokenness between the Church and the Jewish people – whether you are Jews who follow Yeshua or others involved in the movement. This book is a call to action and a source of information.

~Once again, as part of my new year planning, I asked my OH what books I should read. And of course, of the five he pulled out, four of them were the intimidating (to me) ones. But, he said to start with this one. I will admit that I haven’t gotten very far with it (5 pages in) . I won’t read it while I’m eating so, combined with trying to finish the Anthony book and plot my novel, this book has fallen by the way-side. I do intend to give it top priority soon though.

Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott – A masterpiece by the author of Little Women. Rose Campbell, recently orphaned, goes to live with her relatives on “Aunt Hill”. She’s less than impressed with her new life, accustomed to a girls boarding school but when her Uncle Alec arrives, along with meeting her seven boy cousins, she finds it’s not quite so bad.

~I am enjoying this book so much already! Alcott wrote with such a wonderful style of drawing you into her world and brought her characters to life. The only thing is that I keep picturing Rose to be about 8, when really she’s 13! (I think, she could be 12…or 14… don’t quote me on her age.) =)

The Writer’s Journey : Mythic Structure for Writers by Christopher Vogler – Vogler sets out a system, a structure that every storty teller has used over the centuries.

~Sorry it’s such a short synopsis, but I’ve been talking about this book for a while now…and goodreads has a nice, long synopsis about it if you just click the link. I’m tired. I’m hungry. And, I LOVE this book. Why didn’t I read it three years ago? It would have been so helpful before I really started writing my first novel. But, I’m thankful that I’ve got it now – after having a copy from the library for a month, I decided to go ahead and order my own. happy day!


To Read :

Created to Live by Cathy Harris (received free from Ambassador Int. for my personal review)

Quite honestly, i’m leaving my to-read list alone right now. I’ve simply got to finish the ones I’m in! But don’t worry, the list is ridiculously long, and with a broad range of genres as well.

I hope you found something to read in this list today. Thanks for stopping by SGL – check out my Ultimate Book List as well! (which will be getting a major overhaul if I can just get to it)


I have just found a fun linkup to join ~book reviews from other lovely bloggers! Check it out and find some more books to add to your to-read pile

Reading Roundup

Book Reviews

25 Oct


I have been doing quite a bit more reading lately – not feeling well for a month can have that affect on one’s life! So I thought I’d share what I’ve been enjoying.

Wildwood Dancing by Julliet Mariller. This is one of my favorite novels. It is a retelling of the fairytale of the 12 dancing princesses. I love how she writes. Any book i read after this one, just doesn’t compare. I’ve learned it’s best to actually hold off on starting another one so that the wonderfulness of this one can fade a bit. =) Now, if you don’t like any magic in your stories, I encourage you to give it a try anyway. The story is simply wonderful. ( And I am waiting for the day to own this one! So far, I have to get it from the library.) Living in Transylvania, in an old castle, is Jena and her sisters. With faithful Petru and Florica they try to get through the bitterly cold winter.  Jena and her sisters monthly go to another world – the ‘other kingdom’ – dancing with fairies and trolls and the list goes on. But tragedy strikes that none could have prepared for. (eek! now i want to read it again!)

The Cubicle Next Door by Siri Mitchell. A funny romance novel set in Colorado. An office worker suddenly has her cubicle divided and now has to share her space with a cocky pilot turned academy teacher…..and I’ll let you read the rest! A delightful ‘fluffy’ story of love and learning to take risks when it comes to love. Very sweet.

(The Chronicles of Narnia) The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis. I am about 3/4 of the way through this one and am enjoying it immensely! I cannot believe I didn’t grow up reading this series.  It is the story of, well, basically, how Narnia and the White Witch came about. There was a part that I got a bit lost in what was happening, but I just kept reading. I enjoy how Lewis weaves the story along. His descriptions are so good.

Aside from novels, I have finished a devotional that I personally met the other! Wife After God by Jennifer Smith. It’s a 30 day devo that has scriptures to read and questions to answer afterward. I have found that to be a rare thing these days when it comes to devotionals. Scriptures and daily questions. I absolutely recommend this to any wife!

For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. We got given this and the accompanying book For Men Only as a wedding gift and I learned so much from it! I recommend this book too. Great information about how men are wired. How God has designed them to process and work through things differently than us women!

Upcoming books for me:

City of Tranquil Lights by Bo Caldwell

Next book in the Narnia Series

I am on the lookout for another daily devo with scriptures and questions, if anyone has suggestions, that’d be great!

Well, I hope you  enjoyed these reviews!

The next reviews will be Jewish- focused. My OH has a great library that I’ve slowly been picking through.

So, grab a cup of tea, snuggle down in a comfy chair and read!! Happy Reading!

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