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Fall means Soup

12 Oct

Fall means Soup

Now, i realize that i’m not exactly sticking to the challenge (the next step is the pantry!) but i wanted to share this delicious recipe that i tried this past week with you. I had some lentils in my fridge from a previous stew. So I went on to Pinterest (!) and searched for soups that I had most of the ingredients to already. I found some yummy soups but I decided this one looked delicious and worth trying. It’s Spicy Root & Lentil Soup from Wallflower Girl (a new blog that I can’t wait to spend some time reading through!)
It’s a delightful soup of parsnip, carrot, sweet potato and lentils. YUM. need i say more?
here is the link to her recipe of the soup : http://wallflowergirl.co.uk/spicy-root-lentil-soup/

But i will say that i only used 3 carrots. 1 parsnip. and didn’t have any vegetable stock so I used water. I also didn’t have any coriander – somehow, when I wrote down the ingredients I needed to buy, I didn’t even see those two! oy vay. and of course, I didn’t top it off with yogurt. But I can see that it would absolutely make it that much more delicous. My soup ended up much thicker than her photos of it – I think that’s because I let it simmer a mite too long which boiled the water right down. shrug. It was still super good. I’m not sure my OH was too fond of it – doesn’t bother me though! I’ll eat the whole batch. I’m fine with that.
Sorry I’m not putting the recipe directly on here, but I don’t want to take from the original blogger. Trying to be respectful, and since I didn’t really change the recipe all that much…. You get my drift.

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