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24 Oct

I know it’s been a while – over a week! – since I posted but it’s been an interesting week. Sickness took the OH down quickly, and then I followed two days later. Oy.  What’s worse is that we had traveled to visit family early in the am that OH got sick… yeah. Bad timing eh? We decided to head home the next day (who wants to be sick in someone else’s house??) but I was able to get some time with most of the family. It was a good thing we came home when we did though, OH got significantly worse later that evening and I woke up the next morning with the sore throat, runny nose beautiful-ness. Enter long days of medication, tea, movies and saying hi to eachother on our separate couches. Thankfully we were able to take care of each other through each’s worst days.

But! do you know the exciting thing that has happened? We got just well enough to go pick up our new baby. While all my friends are going the difficult route of pregnancy and birth, I decided to skip all that and just go pick mine up. Of course, mine has four legs. And floppy ears and never will speak English. But I don’t mind really.

I mean, how can you with this face staring up at you??


Introducing Abby Pond.

For those of you interested : She is actually Lady’s great -great -niece! And Abigail is Lady’s middle name, it being a family name, we decided to carry it on with this one. And Pond? Well, if you’re a Dr. Who fan, and Amy Pond is one of your favorite companion’s too, you can appreciate it =) If not, well, it flows really well with Abby. I haven’t finished her name since I have barely glanced at her pedigree papers – yes, her name is going to be much longer. That’s part of the fun of having a purebred, you get to give them ridiculously long names.


This morning was the first time Lady played with her, other than that, this is the only thing Abby does that Lady doesn’t look at us with a “WHY?” expression.


She is 8 weeks old, mostly house trained already and a feisty little thing! If you want to see more cute photos, I’ll make a slideshow. For those who don’t, know that I am working on a collaboration for our next installment of the Striving for a Virtuous Life post next month! Don’t forget to come back next week for this month’s book review!

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