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Nanowrimo Prep

17 Oct

For those of you who are scratching your head about what in the world nanowrimo is. I’ll explain. It’s National Novel Writing Month, every November. It’s when people – all over the world- commit to writing a novel in one month. The minimum goal is 50k words.

I’ve done this for four years now and as much as I want to work on my second book and get a bunch of it written next month, I’m sticking to my original plan – which is working on my first book. Last year I went through and edited my first draft of the same book. Not wanting to do the exact same thing, I decided I’d write out the new scenes that I know need written. Right now the manuscript is about 70k (? possibly 80k).

So, last week I printed out the entire manuscript!!!! And now I’m reading through it, editing as I go – on the page and the computer – as well as putting tabs where I’m going to add scenes. Hopefully this will make it easy next month to work through, adding bits in! I’m glad I have a few more weeks left because I’m moving pretty slowly through it.


The other benefit of doing this is that it’s helping me get the timeline of events straight in my head. Plus, it makes it feel more real that I’ve written a book! (cue freak-out session.)

Are you doing nano as well? Are you pantsing or prepping? 


The First Week of Nanowrimo – 2016

4 Nov

I sat down this morning to get to work on my novel, but of course, one has to check all the mandatory sites first – Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, when it  hit me – Today’s post hasn’t been written! In other words, this is going to be short and sweet.


making some goat milk in the background, got the diffuser going, peppermint mocha and pain pills – yep it’s time to write!

I started Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month)  on the first of November. For a super short explanation, it’s when a bunch of writers (and wanna-be’s) dedicate themselves to writing 50,000 words in one month, ending up with a novel at the end of it.

This is my fourth year doing it- although I am doing it a bit differently. Since I finished my novel in September (yaaay!), I am using this year to help me edit the thing! For me this means – filling in holes, fixing plot issues, straight-up editing, etc. Which, makes doing a word count a little challenging.  So, I am doing a rough- track of the words I write and edit.

In week one,

Edited: 7,413

Wrote: 1,257

I’m feeling pretty good about those numbers since it’s really only been three days since Nano started! In total, I’ve edited over 2k words, when I started the beginning of October. So I’m doing a little happy dance before I get back to work.

I am going to be doing weekly updates this month, but don’t worry! I’ve got a few book reviews coming up as well!

Until next week,


Word Failure

4 Nov


Have you ever sat down eagerly to write, write , write. But when you do – the cursor just blinks and you realize there are absolutely no words coming? That’s been my  weekend. I think I wrote one page all weekend. Yes, my OH was home and we had a busy two days of productivity and relaxing but…. now it’s a new week, the first full week of the nano challenge and I was/am really hoping to get going again on my novel. The only problem(s)? My OH headed out to work  for the week, I am out of dog food and a severe pain is implanting itself in my left temple and eye. Oy Vay.

Possible solutions: turn on the radio so the house doesn’t seem so empty,  feed dog some oatmeal and venture out later for a walk and buy dog food and drink ginger tea. Hopefully all will help to turn this day into a day of being productive rather than what I think it will be. A day of wandering aimlessly and craving a hamburger, fries and a shake. (that seems to be my new temptation lately…) 

 after updating my word count, i have 2,203 total. counts say: target words to type per day : 1,667. have 27 days left. 47,797 words left. at this rate i will finish the end of january. heh. all well! one step at a time!

Happy Monday! 

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