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Chance Encounters

24 Aug

A while ago my mom and I were meandering through downtown (one of my favorite things to do!) and ended up in a cute used bookshop. They had a piano right in the middle of the room, with books stacked all on top of it. Now, if I could have that in my house….

Sorry, slight sidetrack. So, in that pile of books I found a book that I decided was worth the effort to buy get from the library. Luckily, I found it!  It is now one of my favorite books and eventually I will buy it! but for now, we are thankful for the library.

So, if you are interested in a biography wonderfully written, I suggest Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson –


I am now reading a biography on Mother Teresa, (due to the Mortenson book….)  , this is a genre that I’ve never gotten into before, so I would love to hear any suggestions of further biographies. 

Happy Reading!!!

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