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Treasured Memories

17 Nov

I woke up this morning with two completely unrelated thoughts. The first was trying to figure out why, in my dream, my OH was trying to make me iron clothes when I was sick (for those of you that don’t know, I only iron maybe twice a year….and that’s only when necessary).

Treasured Memories

And the other thought was that I miss my grandparents and great aunt so much that it almost hurts. They have all three been gone for several years, but at every new bend in the road that I walk, I find I miss them more. I miss my Auntie Opal with her gentle smile and comforting presence. I miss my grandma with her laugh and wealth of knowledge. I miss my grandpa with his twinkling eyes and helping hands. So easily I can see them each as they were when I was young and visiting them in Antelope Or, or at the property that my parents’ now own. Sadly, I don’t remember doing much with my Auntie Opal, other than just simply spending time with her – meals, quiet evenings listening to my uncle’s Elvis records and always being content to be near her. I remember going to my grandma’s house for a meal one time, and that was when I learned I didn’t like buttermilk. But I drank it – for her. I remember washing dishes and planting flowers with my grandpa. I remember how much he loved my grandma – his pet name for her, the way his eyes lit up when he teased her. They were a match, he and her.

My heart aches that my OH will never meet any of them.  He will never know how truly special each one of them were. Words won’t fully describe how each will live on in my heart, and how I cherish the memories I have.

I love you, Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie Opal.

(And Dad and Aunt M, if you read this, I’m sorry if I made you cry.)


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