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Baking Dreams

20 May

I’m sitting here watching the movie “Julie and Julia” and while I must admit I forgot about the random ‘sketchy’ scenes in it (why oh why do they have to put stuff like that in movies?) – it makes me want to pull out my rolling pin, Kitchenaid and apron (freshly washed too!) and start baking. Not baking like I do anymore, but with milk, butter, eggs and sugar. I want to put it all together in my mixing bowl and know for sure and for certain that what I’ve just put in my oven is going to come out soft, tender, flaky and delicious. I miss those carefree days. I miss baking every Saturday morning with OPB on the radio. 

I never had to work to bake, it came naturally to me from a young age. It definitely helped having a patient and wonderful teacher in the form of my mom. I learned so much from her, that through the days of culinary school, I’d go home and tell her that what she had taught me years ago had a ‘technical’ term in the cooking world. While culinary school was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I am glad that I made myself push through all the obstacles and finish it. One day I hope to have my health restored and open that little bakery around the corner with my dear friend, and as we always said ‘leave a legacy for our families.’ 

So, go out and buy a pound of butter and make something delicious for me. I’ll be sitting here, struggling to figure out this new baking style and trying not to get frustrated at another loaf of bread coming out too dense. (It doesn’t help that I am a ‘snob’ when it comes to baking). 

Good night, dear world. And enjoy your desserts.


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