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Happy Birthday Dad

6 Feb

I am a blessed woman. Let me tell you why:

My dad’s a pretty awesome guy

Here’s the background: he met my mom when she was pregnant with me (both my parents had previously been married and divorced), started dating her while each toted 2 kids around. He was there when I was born. That day was the first time he kissed my mom (how romantic is THAT?). And when I was 9 months old, they got married. Now, that means that they automatically had 5 kids – and didn’t get their honeymoon until 15 years later. Right from the beginning we all were ‘his kids’. He worked his tail off to fully provide for us, to teach us what we would need to know to be independent, thriving adults. Fast forward to today? He has 11 grandbabies – and another on the way! – and is still working hard so he can continue to help those around him, including his kids and grandkids.


With grandson number 7

A word of pride from him means so much because you know you’ve earned it. He is the reason I made it through every math class I had to suffer through. He is the reason I can chop wood, rototill a garden, work on my cars and play (albeit poorly) golf. So, happy Birthday Dad, even though you are gone working right now and we can’t celebrate with you, know that we love you and are proud to have you as our dad.


surrounded by grandkids numbers 8, 9 and 10


mom and dad


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