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Writing Prompt – Golf has gone extreme

6 Oct

I just found a whole long list of writing prompts and I’m so excited about it. I am hoping to do these at least every few weeks, or whenever my brain is just stuck!!! Hope you enjoy.


prompt : Reinvent Golf as an extreme sport

He couldn’t remember how he had gotten into this. All his life he had told himself that he would never, ever get into an extreme sport. and now, here he was – playing golf. Golf had become an extreme sport about twenty-five years ago. People died over this game. Gone were the days of polite clapping and khaki pants – these days the spectators were almost a part of the game, screaming out which club to use, the distance to the hole and even getting in fistfights. The players had changed just as much – they were in it to win it, no matter what. The courses had been the first things to change though – cliffs on one side and a deep lake on the other added to the adrenaline rush of getting your small ball onto the green in the center.

And that’s what had changed – people wanted a bigger adrenaline rush from this sport. A bit of danger. A bit of daring – and a whole lot of betting.

Betting.That’s what had turned him off from it in the first place. He could still remember it so clearly –  being six years old, his old man a golfer. That day his old man had slapped his worn-out hat on his head, nodded at the boy and headed out to play for the right to keep their home. His old man had lost. And so, they had packed up and moved out – to the side of town that he had never been allowed to go to before. Food was scarce, school didn’t happen anymore and he hated it. All because his dad had been unable to resist that one lousy bet.

But now, ten years later, he found himself on the green, a club in his hand and a feeling of dread in his stomach. Golf. Who would have thought it would come to this.


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