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delicious quick chicken meal

23 Feb

delicious quick chicken meal

So, the other night, i was RAVENOUS, and the OH was getting hungry (that situation being quite common, as i eat much more than him… which is just wrong) so i dug through the fridge and cupboards and threw together a dish that was really good. i think i want to try it again with some sort of sauce… or maybe just more of the veggies combo would do it. but we were sad when it was gone. so here you go
olive oil
chicken – bite sized
whatever spices you want

pasta or rice

i did our corn pasta because it’s about 10 minutes faster than rice…
i threw it all (except the pasta of course!) in the skillet and let it saute’ for a bit, then added the chicken last. the flavor was really good. like i said, would have been better with some sort of sauce, or maybe doubled tomatoes and raisin combo. shrug. but i was proud of it since we really didn’t have much in the way of meals . =)

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