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Reusable Dusting Wipes (and other genuis)

21 Feb

Even if you don’t really care what chemicals are in the cleaning products on the shelves of your friendly – or not so friendly – store, this DIY cleaner is a huge money saver! And that is something I think most everyone can appreciate! I have LOVED having these ready to go when I need to do a quick swipe or an intense clean. Let me give you an example :

we have been overrun by ants. They started out a few at a time and now you can hear a thwak-smack of us killing them consistently throughout the evening. Disgusting. So a few days ago,, I grabbed one of these pre-soaked cloths and wiped down every inch of our bedroom walls. The vinegar, lemon and rosemary oil make for a great cleaner and smells so fresh and clean. The rest of the house is going to get similarly wiped down as soon as I can! 

I found a great list of DIY cleaners – from everything from tub cleaner to fruit and veggie wash on Popsugar’s site. Fabulous list. I plan on making several more of these cleaners but for now, this one I am a fan of! 


I did make a few adjustments to the original ‘recipe’ .  I cleaned an empty peanut butter jar to use for this project. Added 3 cups water and 1 cup vinegar. I peeled a lemon, tossed the peel in and dropped 10-20 drops of rosemary essential oil. (feel free to use what scent you prefer!). Then I grabbed some small towels and smooshed them in. =) So simple and quick. And the best part?? Use one, wash it and smoosh (a great word, that) it back in the jar. Being OCD, I pushed them down to the bottom of the jar so they could soak longer. 

And there you go! A chemical-free super cheap cleaner! Here’s the original link. 


here’s the link for the whole list of cleaners! 



Another fun project I did recently was transfer our loose leaf tea (it’s mostly what we use anymore. We have this great tea shop here,   Townshends Tea house  ( http://www.townshendstea.com/ )   that we love getting our teas from) to containers. I don’t know about you but I really do not like trying to scoop tea from a little bag. Frustration.  

I had saved some tins from hot chocolate months before , so after rinsing and drying those out. This is what I came up with.

ImageThey aren’t very pretty to look at but they are so much better than the bags! one day I will get some better (i.e. prettier) paper to cover them with rather than the printer paper. 

Happy Cleaning Friends!

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