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New Home Ideas

15 Sep

Another wonderful day of the Blog-tember Challenge! It is already halfway through the month , I really cannot believe it. As I’m working on this, my little house is smelling a bit like a wet dog (probably due to the , ahem, wet dog lying in the corner… the bath earlier today was very needed) and classical music is softly playing in the background. Sigh. Calm afternoons are nice.

Sept 15th: Make a mood board. Are you brainstorming a room re-do, or are you dreaming of glamping with gal-pals? Share a collage of any kind!

I have been dreaming of how to decorate our new home once we move!!! These are some ideas I love – enjoy!

What have you been dreaming of doing different in your home? 

How We Met

13 Sep

Hellooooo all! I do hope you are getting the wonderful weather and beautiful sunshine that I am! so lovely out today!!!

So, today’s prompt (for the blog-tember challenge ) is perfect for me!!! =)

Sept 13th: Your current relationship status. If dating/married, give us a glimpse of your story! If single, share about this special season.

My OH and I will have been married one year and five months exactly as of today!!!  Which means we are still newlyweds, which is so strange to think about that word fitting us!

We met New Years Eve, 2011. Pine Tavern, Bend Or. OH and I had a mutual friend and he invited us (along with other people he was going with ) to dinner, kinda last minute. I had been laying half-dead-from-pain on the couch in some of the most awful-ugly men’s pajama bottoms with a sweatshirt and my hair in a knotted mess when I got a call from my friend telling me about this impromptu invitation. I remember glancing down at myself, debating if I could get presentable in the time allowed. Deciding that a chance to eat at Pine Tavern didn’t present itself very often, I agreed. Throwing my stuff needed for the overnight stay at my friends into a bag and quickly wrapping my long wool scarf around my neck, I ran out the door. By the time we parked at the restaurant, the pain pills I had taken had started working and I started questioning her about this guy.

Walking to the door, I saw a guy walking confidently across the parking lot and I went ‘hmmm’, not even knowing it was HIM! Ha. I was further impressed by him when he opened the door for us – and then proceeded to provide fun conversation the rest of the evening. I spent most of the meal watching his expressions – never had I been that drawn to a guy that quick! The meal ended, we said goodbye (a bit reluctantly on mine and his ends) and then fast forward to evening of the next day and we ended up talking for hours on facebook (good old social media, you can find someone’s friend and send them a message!!) I remember telling my mom that I had finally met a guy that talked as much as I did. (still true by the way). We had our first date the very next afternoon – January 2, 2012.

From that point we had a date almost every day for the next two weeks – which involved him meeting all my family. Yikes! At the end of those two weeks he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course, I said yes!

For the next three months we had our ups and downs – but I grew in confidence that this was the man that I had been praying and waiting for! He took my parents to dinner to ask my dad permission to ask for my hand. Whew!  On April 8, 2012 (Easter Sunday) He asked me to be his wife.

In order for us to have the Jewish wedding that we wanted, his rabbi’s rule was that all couples’ have to be engaged for a year before they will perform the ceremony. It was painful to agree to but we did! That year was a very rough year, I lost my nanny job and health started going downhill a bit. Right before our wedding, April 13, 2013, the company he worked for was sold and he ‘transferred’ to the new company…. (on our honeymoon he found out that they fired him.)  But by the time the time for the pre-ceremony ceremony came around, we were both ready and excited to finally be married!!

How We Met

How We Met

How We Met

How We Met

i love this one. so handsome


How We Met

the Aaronic Benediction

              the Aaronic Benediction

How We Met

What Makes Me Happy

2 Sep


Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers.

~ waking up without a migraine

~ my dog resting her head on my leg with her big sad eyes

~ snuggling on the couch with my OH

~ my adorable and sweet nieces (Amelie, Olive and Hadassah)

~ that no matter the pain, God is always with me and He always will be

~ my totally-awesome-and-fun passel of nephews (Quinn, Erro, Zion, Jacob, Josiah, Landon, Quintin and Brodey, and Emile(whom i haven’t met yet!!)

~a delicious hot cup of tea

~ finding a great novel I haven’t read yet

~The stationary shop a friend and I found in downtown Portland (called Oblation)

~the fact that once we are settled in Portland, we are going to get a puppy! i’m so excited

~ we will have a wonderful community of support and love when we move 

~my husband is understanding about me not being able to work

~ a clean house

~ and about a thousand other things! =) 

If you want to join in on the Blog-tember Challenge, click here to read more about it! Have a wonderful day! 


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