Health Update March 2020

3 Apr

As I sat here, trying to decide just what to write next for SGL, it dawned on me that I’m due to share a health update with you. I know that with the Covid19 pandemic occuring right now, this probably isn’t the thing you want to read about – more health news, really?! But, in a way, life goes on. Especially when you’re chronically ill. You’ve still got to take your protocol, increasing it every 3 or 4 days and watching for any side effects – good or bad- of what you’re now taking.

Overall Health: Short attention span, mental fatigue/brain fog but more energy and overall less severe pain than normal. Mood struggles and fairly regular leg/foot twitches.

Feb 19th – IV , very tired,  hard to concentrate/ short attention span. 
Feb 20 to 24 had more energy than I have in months.  Still fibropain and some migraines, as well as fatigue.  But the fatigue was minor comparative to normal.  Attention span is still shot though and motivation to do any writing/blogging isn’t there. 
Feb 23rd – started biofilm
(1st phase of new protocol) Feb 25- cycle started,  crazy fatigue and bad migraine.  Scintillating scotoma in late afternoon
Feb 26- felt surprisingly better today.  Fibropain flaring in hands especially. Attention span still very short.
Feb 27 – increased thyroid meds to 1 1/2 pills a day to help with energy. Funny vision stuff going on
Feb 28- minimal motivation all day,  very tired,  couldn’t nap really.  Fibro flaring in left calf late evening. 
3-4 started g.i. detox
Tired, lacking motivation and short attention span (i.e. brain fog ) the 4th and 5th. Some emotional struggles as well.
3-6 overwhelming fatigue and brain fog all day.  Couldn’t nap. 
28th- hard to keep migraine pain down all day. Tired. Basic addition was difficult in evening when playing a board game
29th bad fatigue all day. Fibro flared bad in evening.  Kept me up it was so bad in legs. 
30th worse fatigue than yesterday.  Described it as having taken a sleeping pill but not necessarily being able to sleep.  Awful.  Migraine flaring off and on all day.  2 short, fitful naps. 
31st- fatigue isn’t quite as bad as has been.  Migraine kicked up in afternoon and evening.  Brain fog

Migraine: While the severity is mostly still calmer, they’ve been kicking up ever more frequently lately. And I’m in the midst of one that’s been going on for almost a week now that I just can’t get rid of completely.

Sleep:  I’m getting about 7 hours each night, with the normal 2 or 3 wakings. I do frequently take involuntary naps however. And I’ll add that I never feel rested after sleeping.

Memory/Brain Fog:  This has improved some, but when the brain fog hits – it hits hard and doesn’t want to lift for quite a while.

Vision: I have been still dealing with times where my eyes just don’t want to focus. Thankfully the scintillating scotomas haven’t occured as often as they were.

TMJ:  My jaw has been tight/tense more lately and has been popping every so often. So this has increased although it’s not where it used to be.

Fatigue: I was doing so much better in this area for a few weeks at least and now I’m stuck back in the cave of fatigue. My body just drags and aches.

Fibromyalgia:  This is a persistent, constant pain. Especially in my knee, elbow, ankle joints. Frequently it rears in my hip as well. I have noticed the random twitches that I get have been increasing over the months. – this is the same as january’s update, sadly

Weight Loss: Not at all. It’s been more of a weight gain issue. Very frustrating.

Mood: This was very rough for a few weeks but it’s leveled out again, thankfully!

Digestion:   This has been good for me – which means, still not where it should ideally be, but for me, it’s okay.

So, as you can see, I’m in the midst of another flare up, just trying to get through day by day.

I have a disability hearing coming up next month – assuming nothing changes what with everything that’s going on in the world right now.


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