My Month in Photos – March 2018

31 Mar

While titling this post, I noticed that I didn’t do one of these last month! Ah well, I suppose every few months is okay. Oy vay to my memory.

Anyway,  while it was a pain-filled, frustrating month in so many ways, there were still many happy moments. Happy days. Enjoy.


  1. One of Abby’s best buds came over for a play date. 2) Feeling GOOD on a run to Joann’s 3) YUMMY protein bites    4) YES, this is happening. My OH is graduating with his bachelor’s in June!  5) Abby and her ball   6) A look at what several days this month have consisted of – video games, night guard (for necessary naps) and chocolate shakes.
  1. Just one of the times we got stuck in traffic on our way to Bend.  2 and 3) the beauty of the drive.  4) Abby and little Cocoa being sooo cute at my parent’s house 5) the ONLY photo I took while in Bend, that wasn’t of my dog.  6) Abby’s cuteness on the way home.
  1. Finally washing (and then covering) my ’68 Bug!! 2)Abby’s sadness that her and Cocoa were separated.  3) The beginnings of a yummy Detox Salad 4) PAIN people. Pain. 5) The stash I brought home from my Doctor’s appointment.  6) The weirdness I came out to the other day. . . .


1 and 2) Two of the crocheted stuffed animals I made. 3) I finally made it through filling out an index card for each scene in my book! 4) What my desk typically looks like while editing. 5) THIS QUOTE IS ME.


There should be a book review post up for you next week! For more frequent sightings of Abby and what I’m crocheting, follow me on Instagram (and of course, I can’t get the link because somethings going wrong…. but if you type in my blog name, you’ll find me!)


2 Responses to “My Month in Photos – March 2018”

  1. m April 1, 2018 at 2:45 pm #

    This is such a fantastic idea! I always say my albums are journals without words reminding me of the faithfulness of God.

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