Writing Prompts: Character Creation (Georgia)

20 Jun

It’s time for another character development sheet! Once again, I’m using this one, like I did with Edward‘s. Today’s character is the main character:


Georgia Fossit  – American – late 20’s – only child – from a wealthy/influential family

Optimist or Pessimist: Why? – Optimist  – she believes/sees the best in the world and in people

(If I add the backstory that I am thinking of (below) I don’t think she’d be such an optimist….)

Introvert or Extrovert: Why? – Extrovert , she loves being in the center of what’s going on as it keeps her from thinking

Drives and Motivations: excitement / adventure , trying to get rid of the restlessness inside


Extremely skilled at: talking people round to her point of view?, fencing (with swords)

Extremely unskilled at: writing speeches, riding a bicycle,

Good Characteristics: determined, loyal

Character Flaws: a bit stuck up in the beginning, pampered

Mannerisms: uses her hands a lot (?), stands/walks very proper

Peculiarities: not married at her age/won’t marry for advantage,

Biggest Regret: losing Phillip, losing her way again after losing Phillip

Minor Regrets:

Biggest Accomplishments: does she meet one of the leaders of S.M.?

Minor Accomplishments:

Character’s darkest secret: what if she secretly married Phillip while in Europe all those years ago? did she have a baby and her parents made her get rid of it because of what it would do to their/her social standing? (which would then affect her biggest regret)

(I just had an eye-widening moment at this thought. Could add DEPTH to why she reverted back to her old life consumed with parties and such, because she couldn’t deal with it. could also help explain why she joins the S.M.)

Does anyone else know? Her parents.

If yes, did character tell them? they were a part of it.

If no, how did they find out?


I feel like I broke a level of ‘imagine the worst that could happen to your character. And then imagine the next worse’ or however that statement goes. Man. I feel bad for what I am thinking of adding to her backstory but it could work. It could really work.


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