Book Review – Feb and March 2017

21 Mar

Since I missed last month’s reviews, I smushed them all together this month!


Schoolhouse Brides Wanda E. Brunstetter – The lives of four schoolmarms are complicated when unexpected visitors arrive.

~Four short stories centered on the hardships that teachers of the one-room schoolhouse had to face, as well as the risk of opening their hearts. These are nice, light reads that leave you wishing they were longer.  As much I enjoyed these, I passed them on to my mom, I’m always left slightly dissatisfied with short stories…and I’ve only got so much room for books!

Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott – A masterpiece by the author of Little Women. Rose Campbell, recently orphaned, goes to live with her relatives on “Aunt Hill”. She’s less than impressed with her new life, accustomed to a girls boarding school but when her Uncle Alec arrives, along with meeting her seven boy cousins, she finds it’s not quite so bad.

 This was a very sweet read – one I had a hard time putting down. I couldn’t help but think of my own nephews and nieces (8 between two of my siblings) and imagined them hanging out and playing as these cousins did!

Failure is ImpossibleSusan B. Anthony in her own words by Lynn Sherr – Anthony’s letters and notes are combined with reports and essays, making this book a-one-of-a-kind, giving a glimpse into Susan B. Anthony’s life and passion for the causes she fought every day of her life for.

~ This was a great book – and perfect for my research for the book I’m writing! Anthony’s devotion to the Cause is amazing. It was cool to get to read some of her words, rather than just hearing about her motivational speeches. It was a bit thick, it took me a few months to get through, but well worth it. 

Created to Live by Cathy Harris – I’ll be doing a separate review for this one, as I received it from Ambassador International for my honest review. =) ~Update: Here it is!

Fiesta Moon (book 2 in the Moonstruck series) by Linda Windsor – When Mark and Corrinne both have to work on building an orphanage out of a falling-down hacienda, the sparks start to fly. Add to that, the disappearance of a young boy and the ghost haunting the halls, summer in Mexico just got a lot more interesting.

~I needed a light, fun read and this fit the bill. It’s a sweet romance, filled with mystery, a precocious pig and God’s forgiveness. I always forget that this is part of a series, it’s just fine as a stand alone. It’s fun that it’s set in another locale – Mexico – and that you get to explore the culture a little. It is sappy, but sometimes, you just need a sappy story! 

The O’Malley Series – books o.5 through 5  – Follow the lives of the O’Malley siblings – Marcus, Kate, Rachel, Jack, Lisa, Stephen in this heartwarming mystery series.

~To know just how much I enjoy this series, click the link. I read them at least once a year, that’s how great they are. Although, I realized in my reading this time through, that I still, somehow, don’t own book 3… So, that’s interesting. I feel like I keep losing books in this series. Strange. Anyway, Read them. They’re great. 

Currently Reading:

When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner

The Rescuer, book 6 by Dee Henderson

The Shepherd’s Voice by Robin Lee Hatcher

To-Read :

Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott

Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmore

books on Editing a novel

What have you read lately? Found a new favorite? Share, I love to add to my to-read list! I mean, check out my goodreads page, my list is looong.

*I’d like to note that any books I read are free of foul language or any immoral …stuff. If there is a hint of it, I will tell you but that is the most that I will read, and by default, will share with you. Not everything I read is faith-based though, so keep that in mind if that is your priority. *

Once again I’ve joined the Reading Roundup – click the image below to find some other great reads!

Reading Roundup

4 Responses to “Book Review – Feb and March 2017”

  1. taylermorrell April 7, 2017 at 6:45 pm #

    I think I’d want to read school house brides….I mean, I am a teacher and I love historical fiction! Thanks for linking up with Reading Roundup!


    • Laura April 8, 2017 at 1:24 am #

      they are such sweet stories! And how perfect is THAT? Now you must read them! I’m really enjoying linking up 🙂



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