Dealing with the ME’s

17 Dec

Has anyone else been hit with the mememememe’s lately? No, not the ‘meme’s, or whatever that is. the ME’s.The ‘I want’ , ‘I need’ or my favorite, ‘I deserve’ thoughts that start running through your head so that your insides get all tangled up because your wants/needs/deserves aren’t being met in that moment.


I got hit with them the other evening and finally realized it. Thank goodness most of the time that stuff doesn’t come out of my mouth.

Once I realize that’s where my focus is, I have a few things to try and shake myself out of it.

~PRAY for my focus to move to what it should be on.

~LIST all my OH does for me on a daily basis – instead of what I wish he would be doing for me (because all he’d done that day was go to work and school which is at least a 14 hr day, geesh Laura)

~BLESS him, offering a back rub,making him tea/coffee, leaving him alone to play a video game or whatever he’s doing to unwind, he deserves to have that time!

~DO something else  – read, watch a tv show, play a video game, play with the dogs, etc

And, on the rare occasion those things don’t work,

~SLEEP – of course by this time, he knows something’s wrong. So, he asks. no getting anything by this guy. I tell him I’m just off, we snuggle for about 1.5 minutes, I roll back to my side of the bed and within .5 minutes he’s asleep. who falls asleep that fast? jealousy…….  anyway, that bit was random. Really sleep is what will do it. I wake up and forget I was ridiculously frustrated with him, or myself or whatever.

I know as spouses we are told to put our other half’s needs before our own, but as so many things, it is harder to do. Now I’m not saying that you don’t deserve to be pampered  – heaven knows there are some moments when I tell him I just need a hug or a snuggle and then I’m fine. But, the above list is for when I know I’m expecting more than I should, in the moments when it is not realistic.


What do you do to get over the ME’s?

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