Book Review – October 2015

29 Oct

Book Review for October already!! Your month is now complete and happy. Ha. I’m over-inflating the importance and excitement of this post but i’m tired, my puppy is wandering away from me……..

Ok, she’s sleeping with Lady. We’re good. What was I saying? Oh, tired. Yes, Laura is TiReD right now. But, there’s a puppy to train, a Lady to spoil and walk, a hubby to support, a house to clean and NANOWRIMO starts in a few days. Whew. No rest for the weary!

On to the book Review!


The Best Gift by Irene Hannon (Sisters and Brides) –  A.J. Williams has inherited her late aunt’s bookstore, along with the store manager, Blake Williams.Their life philosophies are polar opposites – hers, go with the flow ; his, plan and be prepared. But they must learn to work together to beat a threat against their store. Will their tenuous friendship grow to something deeper and stronger?

This has been a favorite for years. Being a book lover, and having an old dream of owning a bookstore, I adore any books that center around them. Being a rather short story, I appreciate the background given of the main characters and their individual struggles dealt with. This is a sweet romance story, a quick read. I highly recommend it.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman – Wesley and Buttercup are in love, but when Wesley goes away to find his fortune, tragedy strikes. Inigo trained for years to exact revenge on the man who murdered his father, only now he can’t find him. Vizzini is a professional criminal, intent on starting a war. Fezzik just wants to make rhymes and to not be alone. Intrigue. Torture. Daring Escapes. Miracles. True Love.

–  I have wanted to read this book for YEARS and years. But, I didn’t want a copy that was printed after the movie, I wanted a pre-movie copy. When that proved too hard to find, I caved and got the only copy I could find. It was definitely different than I was expecting but I still really enjoyed it. The background on Fezzik, Inigo, Wesley…Well, all of them really, was fun. I can see some people not being able to enjoy it what with all of Goldman’s inserts and comments throughout. Shrug. I was though and it is one I will re-read over and over and over and over again.

Brothers of the Outlaw Trail (Heartsong Novella Collection) – Follow a band of outlaw brothers as they seek redemption and love – Reuben Wilson struggles with the guilt of turning his brothers into outlaws. Colt wants revenge on the outlaw who turned him in. Caleb tries to make a new start as a sheriff in a small town. And Benjamin tries to leave his life as a professional gambler behind.

–  These short stories were fun! I enjoy westerns, especially when they are set in the late 1880’s as these are. Each is written by a different author, so to me it helps give each brother a different voice and personality. (has anyone else felt like sometimes siblings are too similar in books?) As they are so short, I was sad to reach the end of each of them. I’d love it if somehow I could read an  ‘extended edition’ of them. Dreaming, I know.

Hidden Places by Lynn Austin – Eliza has wanted a home all her life. After 10 years of having one, she isn’t about to let it go now. Wyatt Orchards is hers and her kids’. But keeping it up is more than she can handle. Help comes in the unexpected form of a hobo, who shares similarities to her late husbands’ lost brother. The pain and heartbreak in the farmhouse is overflowing, will it take a hold of Eliza as well?

– I know I’ve read this book before but I’m in the happy position of not remembering it other than that I really enjoyed it. I am halfway through and already am completely sucked in. It is set in the 1930s  – and i’m falling in love with Aunt Batty. A must read for sure!

Do you have a book that you’ve been dying to read but still haven’t? Share! 

(pssst, just so you know, it’s that time of year again for me to read Wildwood Dancing. So. Be prepared for a review on it next month most likely. It has made its way out of the bookshelf and onto my desk here…just beckoning to me.)


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