Thoughts and Fires…

8 Jun
thoughts and fires

courtesy of laughing tree photography

What a day! First we had the Pregnancy Resource Center’s Walk for Life (an easy 2 mile walk after turning in the pledges -thanks friends for supporting a great cause with me!)  then this afternoon was my sister-in-law’s baby shower!!!  We finished off the day with grilled tuna sandwiches and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. My OH (other half) is being a sweetheart and washing the mountainous pile of dishes left from our busy past few days.  So for now, it is my turn on the laptop.

I am in a ‘writing’ type of mood – which every now and then comes over me – and am contemplating what, exactly, I should write. Should I start getting something together for the writing camp with nanowrimo in June? Or perhaps work on the children’s story I started a few months ago? Or, should I write that email I’ve been meaning to write for the past month? Sigh. Sadly, it will probably be a bit of each, so I don’t end up accomplishing much of anything.

~~~~ Well, that’s what I had started out with last night, but with the morning and the mornings’ news, I decided to finish this up with a news article about the fires that are very close to home. The closest in my memory. Quite scary. Those in this area are encouraged to conserve water. As of this morning, the two fires have consumed over six thousand acres.

For the full article of what’s going on with them :


Until next time, stay safe, say some prayers and have a good Sunday!


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