The Garden has been Started…unless the seeds are duds.

22 May

Well, I have almost survived this week of daily doctor visits.

I am happy to report that the prescription sunglasses are ordered and will be here in about two weeks! I am super excited.. as are my eyes. I am hesitantly optimistic that the ‘specialized chiropractor’  will be able to help me feel better . (if you want the link to him, check out ) I have learned some very interesting things about how the body works from my two appointments with him.  So I will be going to him two times a week for however long, to see if he can help me. It is completely different than anything I have tried in the past, so here’s hoping! (and praying) 

As for my seed starting, I was able to go out to my mom’s house and have fun with her planting planting and planting. I had hoped to make these – newspaper seed growing pot , but sadly, folding, or as it’s called , origami, is not a gift that I was blessed with. I got all the way through the instructions and….I didn’t have a ‘pot’. . So, I tossed it in the burn barrel and said ‘all well’. And decided to use up the empty pots that my mom had already offered. This is what I brought home : 


But imagine, if you can, a large golden retriever, all these pots plus two more, my purse, sweater, small friends welcome sign to hang by my door, a grocery bag with miscellaneous items and me all in my 68 Volkswagen Beetle. Yes, I did it, with the help of my mom – since my back was still hurting and I was under doctors’ orders to not lift anything… It was an interesting – which means slow and careful corners and praying the whole way – drive to my house but we all survived!  




The two green pots with obvious life in them are the strawberry plants my sister gave me (yay!) and she also gave me an oregano plant – which I of course, forgot to take a photo of. This bottom pot is my avocado plant – I suspended a seed in a jar with water and voila! We have a plant. The skinny bit with one leaf ( just realized the photo cuts off the leaf. it’s on the right front)  is also avocado… I was advised at one point to trim the growth of the avocado because it was super tall with just two leaves at the top… well, i trimmed it and put the top bit in the water too. And, while I thought it would die, it has started to get roots on it too! Crazy! The other tall bit – back right – is garlic. I did the same thing with a clove of garlic and now we will see if I get garlic to grow! 

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to read my bit of a blog. I appreciate it so much, and get excited every time one of you leaves a comment, likes or follows. God bless and have fun this Memorial weekend!

One Response to “The Garden has been Started…unless the seeds are duds.”

  1. Genevieve May 23, 2014 at 9:58 pm #

    Ooh! So fun! 🙂
    Miss you!


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